[Today’s Japanese word “Teru teru bozu” ]

"Teru teru bozu" (shine shine monk)

Today’s Japanese word “Teru teru bozu” (shine shine monk).

A “Teru teru bozu” (shine shine monk) is a small traditional handmade doll. It is made from white paper or cloth.
The shape is like Halloween ghost dolls.

Recent Japanese children make “Teru Teru Bozu” from the tissue paper or cotton and string.
When they hope to good weather, they hang that in the window.
If you hope rain, you hang it upside down.
Hanging it upside down, you pray for rain.

“Teru Teru Bozu” is said to be the habit that came from China.
This habit seems to have been handed down to Japan in the Edo era (or the Heian era).
At the time, it is made folded like origami, it is so similar to the human form.

When there are important outdoor events, you try making it ?

How to make the "Teruteru-bozu"  Thread the thread to tissue paper. And wrap the ball. And tied in the neck.