[ Japanese word: “Shichi-go-san” ]

"Shichi-go-san" Commemorative photo are very gorgeous.

Today’s Japanese word “Shichi-go-san”.

“Shichi-go-san” is one of the traditional event of Japan, it is mainly carried out on November 15.

The literally of “Shichi-go-san” means “Seven-five-three”. “Shichi” is seven, “go” is five, “san” is three. It means the celebration for each age children.

This celebration is for 3 and 7 year-old girls, and for 5 year-old or 3 and 5 year-old boys. Boy’s age of celebration is different depending on the region.

So, parents celebrate the growth of the children of these ages and pray for the health and the future happiness of their children.

Well, in this day, children are dressed up in “kimono” or “dress”. Recently, “Shichi-go-san” commemorative photo are very gorgeous. However, the day of the event is very busy, and it is difficult to take a photograph neatly.

Then how will you take a neatly commemorative photo?
Many families go to the “Mae-dori” (Taking photos in advance) in the photo studio.
“Mae-dori” means take the commemorative photo In advance day.

Children choose the costumes which they liked from many clothes.
And children make hair beautifully and take a beautiful commemorative photo.

It will be very good memories of “Shichi-go-san”.
Of course the photograph is wonderful, too!

Children make hair beautifully  Children choose the costumes which they liked from many clothes