April 2023 : “Seimei” (the Bright Spring) Box

“Seimei” is the fifth of the twenty-four seasons in the Japanese lunar calendar. This year’s “Seimei” is on April 5th.
“Seimei” means “when everything is fresh, bright, and beautiful,” and virtually, various flowers are in full bloom, and it is the season of beautiful spring flowers.
In this season, when you look up, the cherry blossoms in full bloom look like pink clouds, and the fallen petals look like a pink carpet at your feet. The whole area is dyed pink, and it is in full bloom in spring.
Furthermore, in April, the cedar pollen will subside, and you can open the windows and breathe in the fresh air. What a wonderful feeling!
By the way, April in Japan is the most changing time of the year. 
The current students go up one school year, the company welcomes new staff, and various new life starts. And the environment of many people will change anew. New uniforms and bags, and maybe even commuting routes may change. We can feel a very fresh atmosphere every year in April. I think the word “Seimei” (Qingming) embodies such a fresh, beautiful, and bright atmosphere.
This April, it’s our pleasure to deliver the “Seimei”, of Japan to you. You are going to discover a wide range of “Seimei” themed homeware, stationery, and pottery, which will invite you instantly to Japan’s Fresh and beautiful springtime.


The Lifestyle Box


1. Black cat heart shape plate (1 item)
This plate has various flowers that bloom in spring. The heart shape adds even more cuteness. This plate will definitely brighten up your table!

2. Mino-yaki “Takenoko” small plate (1 item)
It is a small plate designed with “Takenoko” (bamboo shoots) representing spring. The size of this plate
makes it easy to use for a variety of purposes, such as sauces, fruit, and sweets.

Originated from Gifu Prefecture, Mino-yaki (Mino ware) is Japan’s most popular pottery.
Its history is said to date back to 1300 years ago.

3. Small bowl of spring colors (1 item)
Designed for Japanese sweets and is stylishly colored. There is no doubt that it will make your handmade sweets even more wonderful!

4. “Tsukushi” Cutlery Rest (1 item)
It is a cutlery rest of “Tsukushi” (horsetail) which is a symbol of spring.
This cutlery rest calls the atmosphere of spring!

5. Bamboo cutlery set (100% cotton bag included) (1 set)
This is a very durable bamboo cutlery set with a bag that is convenient to carry!
The bag is made of 100% cotton, so it can be washed if it gets dirty, so you can always use it cleanly.

6. Mino-yaki small flower single vase (each 1 color)
You will get either a Black or Green flower vase. It is a single vase that makes a tiny flower very lovely.
There is a notch in the lower part of the thin tube in the middle of the vase. Thanks to the notch, water
always reaches the stalk of the flower that is inserted.

7. 100% Cotton Japanese Style Towel Handkerchief (1 item)
Handkerchief type of popular gauze towel. Thin, light, and easy to use!
It will be fun to use with cute tulip patterns.

8. Clear photo folder card (1 item)
A photo frame type card that can display a photo and a message together. These days, you often send photos by e-mail, don’t you? Since it is such an era, there is no doubt that you will be pleased if you receive a printed photo!

9. Clover sticky note (1 item)
A Japanese-style sticky note featuring a Yuzen pattern. The clover with the finely drawn Yuzen pattern is cute♥ You can use it for writing notes or sticking it on a book or notebook as a bookmark.

10. Postcard of spring tradition (1 item)
A picture postcard of spring grass, with dandelions and lotus blossoms blooming pretty flowers, and
“Tsukushi” (horsetails) creating a good atmosphere. This postcard uses Japanese paper.
*Washi is made from a Japanese traditional recipe.

Number of items: 10