[ Today’s “Wagashi” (traditional Japanese sweet) : “Mitarashi Dango” ]

Usually four dumplings are stuck on a stick at Kanto Area.

Today’s “Wagashi” is “Mitarashi Dango”.
“Mitarashi Dango” are dumplings coated with a soy-and-sugar syrup, and usually three to five dangos are stuck in a stick.
It is also called “Shoyudare Dango” (dumplings dipped in a soy-based sauce) or “Yaki Dango” (toasted dumplings).
It is traditional Japanese sweet in Japan. It is popular among people liking sweet, salty sauce.

It is sold in a convenience store and supermarket throughout the year.
Basic recipe is same. But there are various seasoning, so it is called in different name by an area and a shop. There are various type of “Mitarashi Dango”.

Anyway, it is so delicious. If you like salty-sweet taste, you might be crazy about this taste.

Five dumplings are stuck depending on an area, and there is an advantageous feeling.  “Mitarashi Dango” dumplings are often baked at the store.