[ Today’s Japanese food: “Ishi-yaki-imo” (roast sweet potatoes)]


Today’s Japanese food is “Ishi-yaki-imo”.

“Ishi-yaki-imo” is a Japanese food using the kind of potatoes called “Satsuma-imo”.

Originally, sweet potato was introduced into China from the Philippines. And in 1597, it was introduced into Japan from China.

In about 1705, the sweet potato was introduced into “Satsuma” (now “Kagoshima” Prefecture), and “Satsuma” feudal clan started to cultivate the sweet potato at their land.
So, “Satsuma” became the birthplace of “Satsuma-imo”.
“Ishi-yaki-imo” is a baked potato dish using the heated stone. We place the “Satsuma-imo” onto heated stones and cook them by indirect heating. Therefore they turn sweeter than ones cooked normally.

Have you ever ate the confectionery made from a sweet potato? As for the “Ishi-yaki-imo”, sweetness is more modest than the confectionery!
You can eat the “Ishi-yaki-imo” only in winter.

Please eat this “Ishi-yaki-imo”, if you come to Japan at winter time.
You can purchase at convenience stores, supermarkets, specialty stores and even at the mobile stand!

It has a light dry texture.  Sweetness is more modest than a sweet potato. The mobile stand of "Ishi-yaki-imo".