[ Onsen steamed foods: Jigoku Mushi “Kannawa”@Beppu /Ooita ]

The red of shrimps and the crab looks very delicious!

“Jigoku Mushi” (The hell steaming) is a cooking method. It cooks foods with the steam of the hot spring.
Also, “Jigoku Mushi” is a feature of the “Kannawa Onsen (hot spring)” in Beppu.

You can purchase foods by ticket machine and can experience the “Jigoku Mushi” at shop “Kannawa”.

The recommendation foods are the fresh fishery products that were caught in “Beppu” bay and the vegetables which were produced around Beppu City.
Cooking time is about 10 to 30 minutes. The fee for using a pot for “Jigoku Mushi” is 500 yen for 30 minutes. It is reservation-free and is available willingly.

The foods with the steam blew up from “Jigoku Gama” has plenty of flavor. but it is very healthy!
Also bringing foods are allowed, and you can be explained from the staff about the preparation.

In the site, there are free foot bath (“Ashi-yu” 足湯) and drinking corner of the spring water, too.

While “Jigoku Gama” is crowded, you can wait leisurely.

Taking a slow strolls around the periphery is also recommended!!
[ Information ] Jigoku Mushi Ko-bo “Kannawa”
Closed at third Wednesday
5 Furomoto, Beppu-city, Ooita
■TEL: +81-977-21-1129
■URL: http://www.city.beppu.oita.jp/02kankou/english/index.html
■E-mail: hsp-te@city.beppu.oita.jp
【By Bus】Get on from “Beppu Station”west exit and get off at the “Kannawa” bus stop.
【By Taxi】About 20 min drive from “Beppu Station”.

The internal temperature of the "Jigoku Gama" is about 100℃ to 102℃.  I'm going to steam the meat from now on.