[Japanese word ”Yukiguni”]

“Yuki-gakoi” (Snow Fence)

Today’s Japanese word is ”Yukiguni”.
It snows in all areas except Okinawa in Japan.
Especially, Heavy snowfall areas is called “Yukiguni”.
Japanese word “Yukiguni” means “Yuki” is “snow”, “guni (Kuni)” is “country”.
But “Yukiguni” is not Snow Country.
“Yukiguni”‘s meaning is snowy district in winter truely.
For example, Hokkaido, Aomori-Ken, Akita-Ken, Iwate-Ken, Niigata-Ken, etc.

“Yukiguni” has original snow measures and snow goods.
I will introduce some of them this time.

“Yuki-gakoi” (Snow Fence)
A House is covered with the straw mat or plastic board for protection against snow.
A lot of things will be wintered in “Yuki-gakoi”. For example, animals, the potted plants, firewood, food etc..
“Yuki-yoke” (Snow Guard)
The plants of the garden are covered with the boards or ropes not to be broken by heavy snow.
The snow hanging at “Kenroku-en Garden” in Kanazawa is famous. It is similar to “Yuki-yoke”.
“Yuki-kaki” (Snow removing)
“Yuki-kaki” is to remove the snow by using tools.
A snowplow running on the road removes snow.
We remove the snow at home garage and passage by snow remover.

“Yukiguni” is a cold area, but there are a lot of original delicious things and culture.
Let’s go to the snow experiences in Japanese winter

“Yuki-yoke” (Snow guard)  the snow hanging at "Kenroku-en Garden" in Kanazawa  "Yuki-kaki" (Snow removing)