[ IBARAKI vol.2 – Japanese prefecture introduction – No.8 ]

Ushiku-Daibutu(Great Buddha)

On Wednesday, I introduce several specially products, famous places and more.

1) “Ushiku-Daibutsu”
“Ushiku-Daibutsu” is the Great Buddha in Ushiku city.
Its height is about 120 meters. In about 85 meters, there is observatory. If it is sunny, you may see Tokyo SKYTREE or Mt. Fuji.
Then “Ushiku-Daibutsu” is registered in Guinness world record in 1995.
Also there are some visiting spots such as flower garden and small animal park, you should visit them, too.

2) “Hitachi Seaside Park”
“Hitachi Seaside Park” locates in Hitachinaka city. It is big green field park, a total space is 350 hectare.
In spring, 4.5 million nemophila (baby blue eyes) blooms, especially the view from the top of the Miharashi Hills is wonderful!
This huge spacious park has a variety of colorful flowers and grasses throughout the four seasons.

3) “Natto”
Speaking of famous food in IBARAKI is “Natto”.
“Natto” is a Japanese fermented food which let soybeans ferment by “Natto” bacteria.
Not only Japanese but also foreigners have likes and dislikes about “Natto” by its unique smell.
In Mito city, there is “Natto” manufacture factory, you can join the Natto factory tour with reserving.
If you know about “Natto”, you may like it more. Why don’t you try eating it?

I’m pleased that this article is useful for your sightseeing in Japan.

Nemophila at Hitachi Seaside Park.  Natto