[“Rokkaku-do” – Hexagonal beautiful temple @ Kyoto]

viewing from Ikenobo-kaikan

“Rokkaku-do” is one of the most famous temple in Kyoto.
The main hall is the regular hexagon. “Rokkaku” means hexagon, so “Rokkaku-do” is hexagon buddist temple.

This temple is formal name “Choho-ji”, established 1200 years ago at center of ancient capital of Japan Heian-kyo. And this temple is still during 1200 years of there.
You see this building from above, it has been really hexagon.
This view-point is Ikenobo-kaikan, Ikenobo Hall. This hall is located next door the temple.
Ikenobo-kaikan is free, you ride a elevator (lift), which is referred to as the panoramic elevator. You may enjoy a regular hexagon from lift windows. Then, this hall is office building, so you shall use it carefully.

One is old glory, another is modern developed city. This conceal contrast is fun!
Now Japanese traditional Flower Arrangement “KADO” or “IKEBANA” is founded there.
About 1000 years ago, Buddhist monk founded and spread KADO at this temple. There were some Pond in garden of “Rokkaku-do”, monk was living near pond.
Pond is Japanese “IKE”, so near pond is “IKENO-bo”. Now most large flower arrangement movement is called “IKENO-bo”.
“IKENO-bo” family member protected this temple without even breaking
[ Information ] Rokkaku-do (Choho-ji temple)
248 Donomae-cho, Nakagyo-dist. Kyoto
■TEL: +81-75-221-2686
5-minutes walk from “Karasuma station” of Hankyu Kyoto-line
3-minutes walk from “Karasuma-oike station” of Kyoto-subway Karasuma-line

The entrance of Rokkaku-do (Choho-ji temple)  Rokkaku-do (Choho-ji temple)