[ Today’s Japanese food: “Taranome” ]


Today’s Japanese food is “Taranome”.

“Taranome” is a sprout of the Japanese angelica tree. We eat this sprout as an edible wild plant.

Faint bitterness and springy texture are popular. “Taranome” is said to be the King of the edible wild plant.

Because there is lye, it often is generally deep-fried or boiled, but we can eat it in several ways.

Some dishes of “Taranome”.

1) Tempura and fried food.
2) Boiled “Taranome” with the soy sauce.
3) Ingredient materials of the pasta.
4) Garnish of the main dish.

There is the cultivation things, too. But you can eat the natural product from April to around the beginning of June!

"Taranome Tempura".  "Taranome" growing wild.