[ Today’s Japanese word: “Kafunshou” ]


Today’s Japanese word “Kafunshou” (pollen allergy) . It is Hay fever in Japan.
Have you ever heard the word of “Kafunshou”?
“Kafunshou” is said to the national disease of the Japanese.
Every year in the spring, many people are suffering from discomfort sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, and itchy eyes and so on.
“Kafunshou” is a type of allergic disease.
The cause of it is an allergic symptom of the pollen with the specific plant coming in contact with a mucous membrane.
In particular, allergen which many people have is the pollen of cedar or cypress.
“Kafunshou” occurs the symptoms throughout the year.
Although, in spring, the pollen of cedar and cypress scatter a lot.
Therefore, in the season of this pollen, the scattered information of pollen is broadcasted on television.
“Kafunshou” will be able to alleviate the symptoms by medical care.
Also, by eating yogurt, it is possible to alleviate the symptoms.

If you go out in pollen scattered period, you are easiest defense using a mask.
And, it is effective to use an air purifier and humidifier.
Then, after entering the room, it is also good to shake off the pollen from clothes and hair.
“Kafunshou” can be found in the blood test.
Are you alright?

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pollen of cedar or cypress.  "Kafunshou" will be able to alleviate the symptoms by medical care.