[ Today’s famous “Sakura” spot-9 : “Natsui river Senbon zakura” @Fukushima ]

A head of May you can also see "Koinobori"(the carp streamer) which is use by an event of May.

Today’s famous “Sakura” spot is “Natsui river Senbon zakura” at Fukushima prefecture.
“Senbon zakura” means a famous place of “sakura” where a lot of cherry trees are planted and the “sakura” are in full bloom.

“Natsui river Senbon zakura” is best “sakura” viewing spots of Fukushima.
“Natsui river Senbon zakura” is famous, because its about 1,000 cherry trees are planted to both sides 5km of “Natsui” river.
In this spot, you can enjoy the contrast of the “sakura” and the brightness of the surface of “Natsuigawa”.

Not to mention the daytime, the beauty illuminated of “Yozakura” (night sakura) at night is particular.
And there are full of viewing visitors at time in full blossom.

[ Information ] “Natsui river Senbon zakura”
■Open: Open all year round and 24 hours a day
■Fee: Free
■Full bloom of the average year:
From the end of April to the begining of May
Minami-Tawarai / Natsui, Onomachi, Tamura gun, Fukushima
http://hanami.walkerplus.com/detail/ar0207e25701/ (Only Japanese)
■Access: Use train
About 5 minutes walk from JR “Natsui” station.
About 10 minutes ride (taxi) from JR “Ono-Nii machi” station.

1,000 cherry trees passes to both sides 5km of “Natsui” river.