[ Romantic and Pretty cosmos Field / Yamagata]

Pretty cosmos Field

The beautiful and fair weather autumn is coming to Japan!
Speaking of autumn, seeing the colorful flowers and autumn leaves are one of the enjoying things!

There is one particular must-see place in Yamagata City. If you would like to enjoy large spacious cosmos flower fields, “Omoshiro-yama cosmos-berg” in Yamagata should be great spot!
By the way, berg means mountain in German. So “cosmos-berg” means cosmos flower mountain.

After you arrived at this place, you will have to walk a small hill for a bit. After that you will be able to see a very large and vibrant cosmos flower field in the hills!
This field is 7ha, and there are about one million cosmos blooming, and there are about 8 kinds of cosmos. For example, there are yellow, orange, little red, pink and white color cosmos.
The best time to see them is from the beginning of September to the begging of October. This “Cosmos-berg” was used to be ski place, so it is little high altitude. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the slightly cooler and nice temperature here.

Moreover, it is not a well-known place. So when you visit there, you may feel as you are only visitor of this field! I think you can feel this only in “cosmos-berg”! How about walking around in this field and enjoying to see the lovely cosmos flower?

The cosmos represents cleanliness and love. So it will be very romantic to bring your precious partner here on your memorial date or you and your partner’s anniversary! Of course, you can have the lovely time here with your precious friends and family!

How about coming to see this romantic and pretty cosmos field? You can make the fantastic autumn memories in “Omoshiro-yama Cosmos-berg”!

[ Information ] “Omoshiro-yama cosmos-berg”
■Admission: Free
■Open: From the beginning of September to the beginning of October.

Omoshiroyama Oaza Yamadera, Yamagata city, Yamagata
+81-23-657-3466 (Omoshiro-yama sightseeing association)

10 minutes walks from “Senzan” line “Omoshiro-yama Takahara station”.

By car, it takes about 30 minutes from the central Tendo city, Yamagata. However, the road is very narrow and hard to drive.

orange cosmos  It is the secret place.