[ Today’s Japanese word “Yakatabune” ]

"Yakatabune" in Odaiba

Today’s Japanese word “Yakatabune” (Houseboat).

When fireworks display near the river, Japanese people ride on “Yakatabune” (Houseboat). It is popular in summer.
“Yakatabune” is that enjoying the banquets or eating cuisine in the boat.
The “Yakatabune” means Home-style Boat, so it has a “tatami rooms” and “roof”.

“Yakatabune” had its original form from the time of the Heian era.
It flourished in the Edo era.
The millionaire in the Edo era loved the “Yakatabune”.
They used “Yakatabune” when the cherry blossom viewing, viewing the moon, fireworks display , and so on.
In particular “Sumida River’s Yakatabune” was gorgeous. It was decorated with gold and silver.

Even today, “Yakatabune” is popular.
For example, In Tokyo, it will be used a lot in the “Sumida River fireworks display”.

In evening, “Yakatabune” becomes brighter by lights.
It is the very nostalgic Japanese atmosphere!

In evening, "Yakatabune" becomes brighter by lights. Daytime ”Yakatabune”