[ Japanese word “shime-kazari” ]


Today’s Japanese word is “shime-kazari”.

When Christmas ends, we’ll be New Year mood.
And we will decorate the “shime-kazari” (decoration of straw rope).
This is one of the items that are indispensable in New Year.

New Year event in Japan is the traditional event to welcome the New Year’s God.
Old Japanese people believe that New Year’s God come to my house and they give happiness for people.

So, when the New Year approaches, we have finished major cleanup and prepare “shime-kazari” to greet the new year’s God.

Then, “shime-kazari” is decorated in entrance of house for the New year’s God.

Japanese “shinto” think that, there is a God in mountains, fields, toilet and kitchen.
It is Japanese traditional concept.

So, we also decorate “shime-kazari” for toilet’s god, kitchen’s god and other places god.
The New Year’s decoration is removed on January 7.
We burn it in “Dondo yaki” ※ at January 15.
And the New Year’s festival will end.

※”Dondo yaki” (New Year’s bonfire) is held on January 15.

”shime-kazari”  "shime-kazari" is sold in store in December.