July 2023 : “Umi-no-hi” (The Marine Festival) Box

“Umi-no-hi” (the Marine festival) is a day to “appreciate the blessings of the sea and wish for the prosperity of Japan, a maritime nation.”

The origin of “Umi-no-hi” is said to have its roots in the original “Marine Day Anniversary”. Japan, an island country surrounded by the sea in all directions, has long benefited from the sea and has developed a variety of cultures. For this reason, “Umi-no-hi” is a day to once again express gratitude for the great blessings of the sea, and to pledge to take care of the sea so that we can continue to live in harmony with it. It is a national holiday that is typical of Japan surrounded by the sea.

Anyway, thanks to the sea, we are blessed with food such as seafood, and the sea is an indispensable existence for us Japanese. Japan’s “sushi” and “sashimi” can be said to be a food culture precisely because you can eat fresh fish, right?

By the way, On “Umi-no-hi”, the coasts of Japan are crowded with people enjoying sea bathing and marine sports. Do you like the sea?

The Lifestyle Box

1. Wave pattern skewer plate (each 1 color)
You will get either indigo or gray. Since it is a plate with a partition, it is convenient because you can serve tomato ketchup, soy sauce, etc. on one plate without preparing a dip plate. It’s good to use it for barbecue, and it’s good to put dessert on it. This plate is sure to become one of your favorites.

2. fish-shaped small bowl (1 item)
Have you ever seen such a cute small bowl? What kind of fish do you imagine when you look at this small bowl? Anyway, it is a small bowl in the shape of a cute fish. It’s also perfect for storing accessories and keys.

3. Seal-shaped sponge (1 item)
You’ll be thrilled to find this silly sponge in your sink. However, you will surely fall in love with the sponge, which is easier to use than it looks.

4. Mino-yaki fish small plate (1 item)
Sea animals are drawn on a small plate. Please find various animals while eating food. It features a matte texture. 

Originating from Gifu Prefecture, Mino-yaki (Mino ware) is Japan’s most
popular pottery. Its history is said to date back to 1300 years ago.


5. Sticky notes of Sea animal (1 item)
It is a set of sticky notes with cute sea animal illustrations. There are various sizes depending on the pattern of the creature. It’s fun to use it properly.

6. Hasami-yaki Star shaped plate (1 item)
July 7th is “Tanabata”. On this day, it is said that “Orihime” and “Hikoboshi” can cross the Milky Way and meet once a year. Let’s enjoy Tanabata using this plate!

Originating from the Hasami-cho region in Nagasaki Prefecture, Hasami-yaki (Hasami ware)
is one Japanese historical pottery. Its history is said to date back to 400 years ago.

7. Imabari Jellyfish and constellation gauze handkerchief (1 item)
A handkerchief size of a soft and smooth “Imabari” towel. Imabari towels are thin and easy to dry like tenugui, while being soft and absorbent. It’s thin and not bulky, so it’s perfect for going out ♪

8. Morinaga Ottotto (1p)
It is a cracker that formed sea creatures. Please eat while thinking about what shape of crackers you are eating! It is a very popular snack among Japanese children.

9. “Sea turtle” postcard (1 item)
Okinawa Prefecture is a very popular beach in Japan. A sea turtle swimming in the sea of “Kerama” is drawn on the postcard. This postcard featuring a turtle swimming leisurely in the beautiful sea is perfect for displaying or giving as a gift this summer season.

Number of items: 9.