[Today’s Japanese Food : “Tamago kake gohan” ]

"Tamago kake gohan"

Today’s Japanese food is “Tamago kake gohan”.

“Tamago kake gohan” is a dish which has an raw egg on white rice.
We add some seasonings such as soy sauce to make it more delicious. It is a popular Japanese breakfast food.

It was during the Edo period that people started to eat eggs in Japan.
However, because the eggs were high-class foods and very expensive, it was difficult for many people to eat eggs at that time.
In the second half of the nineteenth century, eggs began to be eaten.

Now, we have special soy sauce for “Tamago kake gohan”. Also, there are some restaurants for it. It is very popular food in Japan.
When you examine the recipe of “Tamago kake gohan”, you can find that many recipes. Some of the recipes do not add soy sauce for seasoning, and add sesame oil or sauce substitutes for soy sauce.
There are some recipes that add cheese or butter to “Tamago kake gohan”.

You can see that “Tamago kake gohan” can enjoy with various flavors. There are some books which write about “Tamago kake gohan”.

Please try eating “Tamago kake gohan”.
And please find your favorite recipe of it.

We have special soy sauce for "Tamago kake gohan".  We eat mixed raw egg and rice.