November 2018: KOYO The “Autumn Leaves” Box

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In Japan, it is called “Koyo” that the leaves of mountain trees change color to red or yellow in autumn.
Koyo is the phenomenon when mountain’s trees prepare for fallen leaves before winter.
Compared with other countries, Japan has many kinds of deciduous trees. “Koyo” is seen by only deciduous trees and it says that the condition of the topography and temperature to grow deciduous trees can hardly be found outside Japan.
So, Koyo like a miracle that can only be seen in Japan!
Achieved various conditions are the overwhelming beauty that boasts to the world!


The Lifestyle Box


1. Mino-yaki Momiji Ceramic Tea Cup (1 item)
A beautiful Mino-yaki cup of colorful autumn leaves pattern. Handwash only.

2. Mino-yaki Momiji Ceramic small plate (1 item)
A popular small dish of modern colors designed autumn leaves.
★This item is “Eco Mark Certified Product”. “Eco-mark” item is 20% of the raw materials were recovered crockery.

3. Mino-Washi Letter Set (1 item)
It is a letter set using paper “Washi” made by Japanese traditional recipe. In addition, this letter paper ruled lines are illustrations of a “Shiba Inu Dog” and many kinds of autumn leaves.
It is a very cute item with a great sense of humor.

4. Rice Crackers (Autumn leaf package) (1p)

5. Mino-yaki Small soil bell “Momiji” pattern (1item)
It is small bell pottery. It is momiji designed.

6. Momiji Furoshiki (1 item)
Illustrated on the furoshiki are momiji leaves and autumn mountain of Japan.
Furoshiki are a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that can be used to wrap gifts, clothes, and actually just about anything!

7.Autumn landscape Postcard (1p)
It is a very romantic postcard drawn in autumn.
Red dragonfly is a symbol of autumn.
Do you think so too?

8. “Morinaga” milk caramel (2p)
Nutritious rich caramel.
In Japan, when we go to the autumn leaf viewing, we take some snacks.
Let’s eat when you are tired! You will be fine soon.

9. Autumn pattern sticker (1p)

Number of items:10.




1. Momiji Manju (1 item, 3 pieces)
Momiji Manju, one of the most signature sweets of the autumn, is the momiji-leaf-shaped cake filled with mashed sweet bean paste.

2. Ginkgo pie(2P)
※ This pie contains ginkgo nut powder.
“Kumamoto Castle” is one of the three Japanese “Daimyo” castles. Also, “Kumamoto” Castle is famous for ginkgo tree.
This pie is made with the motif of the ginkgo leaf.

3. Kamakura Dayori Cookie (3P)
It is three kinds of taste “Plain”, “Matcha (Green tea)”, “Azuki (red beans)”.

4. Rice Crackers (Autumn leaf package) (1p)

5. Rakugan (1item, 6pieces)
It is the hard dainty sweet made by Glutinous rice-flour.

6. Kit Kat “Momiji- manju” flavor (2P)
Nestle Japan is always ahead in releasing new flavors and packaging.
This Kit Kat is Momiji-manju flavored for Hiroshima limited Souvenir.

7. Potato chips “smoked soy sauce flavor”(1P)

8. “Morinaga” milk caramel (5p / 1pack)
Nutritious rich caramel.
In Japan, when we go to the autumn leaf viewing, we take some snacks.
Let’s eat when you are tired! You will be fine soon.

9. Momiji Shoga
(Autumn leaves shape ginger cookies) (1P)

10. Autumn leaves pattern sticker (1p)

Number of items:18.