September 2020 : “Otsukimi” (The The Harvest moon)

Japanese people look forward to the moon of “Otsukimi” (Viewing the moon).
The “Otsukimi” is an event to admire the moon on August 15 of the Lunar calendar (This year’s full moon is October 1st). The moon of this day is called “tchuu-shuu-no-meigetsu” (harvest moon)”, “jyuu-goya”(full moon night). and so on. 
On this day, the”Otsukimi” is celebrated by displaying “Susuki” (Japanese pampas grass) and autumn flowers called ” Aki no nanakusa”.
It seems that “Susuki” is displayed as a substitute for “Ina-ho” (ear of rice).
This is because “Otsukimi” means “thanks to the moon for a good harvest.”
However, it is very elegant to decorate not only “Susuki” but also the autumn wildflowers.
Autumn wildflowers are famous as the “Aki no nanakusa” (Autumn seven flowers).
The “Aki no nanakusa” are generally plants that appear in the poem selected by “Yamanoue no Okura” (Nara era poet) in “Man-yo-shu” (Japan’s oldest anthology of poems).
・”Hagi” (bush clover)
・”Obana” = “Susuki” (Japanese pampas grass)
・”Kuzu no hana” (arrowroot’s flowers)
・”Nadeshiko” (dianthus)
・”Ominaeshi” (Patrinia)
・”Fujibakama” (Thoroughwort Flowers)
・”Kikyo” (bellflower)
By the way, in Japan, you often see patterns where the moon and rabbit are drawn together.
This is because Japanese people think that rabbits live on the moon.
The rabbit is a symbol of good luck, presenting prosperity.
We hope that these items will be able to deliver the Japanese tradition of moon appreciation as well as bring you luck and happiness.

The Lifestyle Box

1. Mino-yaki “Mangetsu” Ricebowl (1 item)
This is Japanese rice bowl. A quaint atmosphere unique to Japanese dishes and make your everyday meals more delicious.

Originated from Gifu Prefecture, Mino-yaki (Mino ware) is Japan’s most popular pottery.
Its history is said to date back to 1300 years ago.

2. Rabbit silhouette “Shiruwan” soup bowl (1 item)
A soup bowl with a cute rabbit silhouette. You can enjoy the moon-viewing atmosphere.

3. Otsukimi pattern “tenugui” cotton handkerchief (1 item)
A washcloth depicting a beautiful full moon and autumn plants.
Decorate it on the wall and enjoy the “Otsukimi” atmosphere!

4. Post card “Jyugo-ya” (1 items)
This is a postcard of Japanese nostalgic “jyugo-ya”.

5. “Tsukimi Dango” candy (1 item)
“Tsukimi Dango” (Japanese ricecake) is the decoration for the “Otsukimi” in Japan.
This candy is motif to “Tsukimi Dango”. Try to the display of “Otsukimi”!

6. Mino-yaki “Kikyou” (Bellflower) pattern plate (1item).
“Kikyou” is a Japanese flower that has been loved by Japanese people since ancient times.
This plate size is perfect for everyday use.

7. Paper soap of the rabbit model (1 item)
Useful mobile paper soap on the go.
It is a cute paper soap that has been die-cut.
A paper soap that dissolves in water scrubs and cleans your skin.

8.Rabbit notebook (1 item)
A5 size notebook with cute design. This is an easy size to carry.

9. Kitchen sponge “rabbit” (1 item)
A cute rabbit-shaped sponge.
The non-woven fabric containing synthetic rubber particles absorbs dirt, so it can be washed well.

10. Autumn flower stickers (1item)
A lovely autumn flower sticker. The glitter of fine particles sparkles and stands out very much.

Number of items:10