September 2021 : “Otsukimi” (The harvest moon) Box

Japanese people look forward to the moon of “Otsukimi” (Viewing the moon).
The “Otsukimi” is an event to admire the moon on August 15 of the Lunar calendar (This year’s full moon is September 21).
The moon of this day is called “Chushu-no-meigetsu” (Mid-Autumn Moon/Harvest moon), “jyuu-goya”(full moon night).
By the way, the Japanese believe that there is a rabbit on the moon. There are two main reasons.
First, That’s because the full moon pattern looks like a “rabbit”.
There are bright places and slightly dark places on the moon. And when the moon is full, when you connect the dark places, it is said that the pattern resembles the shape of a “rabbit”.
This pattern changes into various shapes depending on the country. For example, “donkey”, “crab”, “female”.
Second, the reason why there is a rabbit on the moon comes from the Buddhist narrative. This story is still handed down to Japanese people. 
“The rabbit went to search for food for a hungry old man (God). But nothing was found. So the rabbit jumped into the fire as food by himself. The rabbit’s feeling of self-sacrifice impressed the old man. And the legend says that God drove the rabbit to the moon as a sublime.”
The rabbit is a symbol of good luck, presenting prosperity.
The Lifestyle Box

1. The moon showing various expressions Plate (handmade each) (each 1item)
The “moon” shows various expressions. For example, a new moon, a full moon, a moon hiddenin clouds, or a moon on a sunny day. .. ..
This plate can enjoy the atmosphere of the infinite of your moon. What kind of moon did you receive?

2. Cute rabbit small plate (1 item)
A small plate depicting the dance of a rabbit playing with the moon.
A small plate with a modern Japanese taste will heal your dining table. 

3. Mino-yaki Powder snow rabbit rice bowl (1 item)
A simple and cute rabbit-patterned rice bowl that goes well with modern dining tables.
The white spots look like powder snow.

Originated from Gifu Prefecture, Mino-yaki (Mino ware) is Japan’s most popular
pottery. Its history is said to date back to 1300 years ago.

4. Rabbit silhouette “Shiruwan” soup bowl (1 item)
A soup bowl with a cute rabbit silhouette. You can enjoy the moon-viewing atmosphere.

5. Rabbit Sticky notes (1 item)
It is a sticky note with 3 types of rabbit patterns. It is an easy-to-use sticky note for writing small notes.

6. Rabbit pattern long wallet (1 item).
A long wallet with a checkered Japanese pattern and auspicious rabbits. You can use it more depending on your ideas, such as saved tickets or masks. 100% cotton / made in Japan

7. Aroma scented Bath Powder (2 p)
The scent of this Bath Powder is tuned to help you fall asleep. It will help you relax, calm your mood and get a good night’s sleep. Recommended for recovery from fatigue before good night. 

8.Rabbit Scotch tape cutter (1 item)
A gentle pastel-colored rabbit tape cutter.
It has a cute rounded appearance and it is easy to hold and use even with small hands.

9. Moon rabbit postcard (1 item)
This is a postcard that expresses the “rabbit in the moon” that Japanese people imagine.

10. Teika no Tsuki (Teika’s Moon) Rice Cracker (2 p)
This Rice Cracker’s name is inspired by Fujiwara no Teika (1162-1241), a Japanese poet who deeply admired the moon.

Number of items : 12