August 2021 : “Natsu no Dento” (the Traditional summer) Box

This month’s theme is “Natsu no Dento” (The Traditional summer).
I think every country in the world has various traditions for each season.
Of course, Japan also has traditional foods and events for each season, too.

When you imagine much traditional food, you tend to think of elaborate and difficult dishes, but in reality, they are often eaten on a daily basis.
For example, “Soba” (Buckwheat). It is one of the Japanese traditional food “Soba” is a dish that is loved by Japanese people.
Therefore, you can find “Soba shop” anywhere in Japan.
“Soba” is popular because it is delicious, but it is also famous for being quick to eat.
Therefore, you can find many “Tachigui-Soba” (eating soba with a stand-up counter) at Japanese train stations.
“Soba” is also a staple of “fast, cheap and delicious” Japanese fast food.
There is a lot of kind of “Soba” menu you can eat in Japan.

When hot summer, We eat cold “Soba”. When we eat cold soba, we dip the “soba” in a strong kelp-based soup called “dashi”. “Dashi” (kelp-based soup) is extremely delicious !! Please have a try.

The Lifestyle Box

1. Soba seiro set (1 set)
In the hot summer, when you eat cold “soba” in Japan, you put cold soba in “Soba seiro”. When served in “Soba Seiro”, it will last a long time and look very delicious. 

2. Mino-yaki “Soba-choko” Multi Cup (1 item)
“Soba choco” is a cup for soba soup. It is used when you eat cold soba by dipping it in the soup in the bowl.
However, depending on your ideas, the usage is endless!

Originated from Gifu Prefecture, Mino-yaki (Mino ware) is Japan’s most popular pottery.
Its history is said to date back to 1300 years ago.

“Soba set” (1 Set)
3. Soba (impression soba noodles) (1item)
4. “Soba tsuyu” (Soba soup / kelp-based soup) 
5. “dry chopped Japanese leek” 
6. “Kizami-nori” (3 item) (chopped seaweed) 
It is a Japanese “soba” that is recommended when you have no appetite. “Soba” is low in calories and healthy.
How to make “soba” is attached to the “Soba set”. It’s so easy, please try it!

7.”Fuuka” Japanese tableware (1 item)
This plate has been drawn a picture of the image, such as the fireworks, which flow through the wind. It is an easy-to-use size plate. 

8.Fireworks chopsticks set (1 set)
It is chopsticks of fireworks pattern with the summer atmosphere. With non-slip that is easy to eat.

9. Goldfish pattern small plate (1 item)
This cute little plate depicts a goldfish swimming in the water. Looking at this plate in the hot summer makes me feel cool.

10. Wind chime “kayari-Buta” (1 item)
The pig depicted on this wind chime “Fuurin” is a traditional pig figurine’s picture with a “mosquito coil” in Japan.
This wind chime will enjoy the traditional Japanese atmosphere and create a cool atmosphere.

11.”Kingyo” (Goldfish) pattern “tenugui” cotton handkerchief (1 item)
It is “tenugui” with lots of cute little goldfish printed on it. “Tenugui” is very easy to dry and can be used hygienically.
It is made from 100% cotton in Japan. 

12.Nostalgic summer landscape postcard (1 item)
This postcard is a nostalgic image of summer. In Japan, it is customary to send greeting postcards to people
close to you in the summer. This is a custom that resembles a New Year’s card.
The Japanese word “暑中お見舞い申し上げます” written here is a general greeting during the summer.

Number of items: 20.