October 2019 : AKI “The Japanese Autumn” Box

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Autumn has arrived.
Of course, we have the image of a lot of autumns, and many people may image of autumn leaves.
But, you can’t forget that it is the “harvest season”.
Vegetables and fruits that plenty of soaking up the sun in the summer are waiting to be harvested.
Regardless of the season, we can buy all kinds of vegetables and fruits all year round if we go to the store.
And, we can eat them throughout the year, but after all, it is the most delicious to eat in that season.

For example, “Aki-Nasu” (autumn eggplant).
“Nasu” is a summer vegetable in Japan, but “Nasu” which is pruned during the summer and fruited in autumn is very delicious.
Therefore, it is specially called “Aki-Nasu” (autumn eggplant).
A method to eat “Aki-Nasu” most deliciously is to eat in the autumn season.
It is better than any cooking method.

The Lifestyle Box

1. Mino-yaki ceramic plate (1 item)
2. Mino-yaki ceramic spoon (1 item)
Sober and plain plate and spoon complement your wonderful cuisine.
Pottery spoons do not rust and are harmless.
The mouthfeel is good and can be safely used for baby food, too.

Originated from Gifu Prefecture, Mino-yaki (Mino ware) is Japan’s most popular pottery.
Its history is said to date back to 1300 years ago

4. Eggplant-shaped wooden teaspoon (each 1 item)
You will get either a red or black spoon.
A lacquered wooden teaspoon with a cute eggplant shape.
It can be used not only as a mini spoon but also as an accessory or small articles dish, kitchen gadgets.

5. Amano foods/ tasting Miso soup “yaki-nasu” (1 item)
With a mild “Miso” (fermented soybean paste) taste and “dashi” (Bonito soup stock),
it complements the taste of savory “Nasu” (eggplant) carefully baked.

6. Arita-yaki Cosmos motif multi-cup (1 item)
It is a cosmos motif multi-cup.
Of course, you can use it as a teacup.
There are many ways to use it depending on your ideas!

Originated from Arita region in Saga Prefecture, Arita-yaki (Arita ware) is one of Japanese popular pottery. Its history is said to date back to 400 years ago.

7. Nara “Kayakiji” fabric cloth (Vegetable pattern) (1 item)
It is a towel made of mosquito nets fabric that takes advantage of the tradition of making mosquito nets in Nara.
※ Chlorine bleach can also be used.
When used for the first time, soak in warm water and wash the cloth carefully for removing the glue.
After dry, this cloth will be fluffy and very soft.

8. Flake seal “chipmunk” (1 item)
A small sticker is made of “Washi”.
“Washi” is made by Japanese traditional paper recipes.
It can be used to cute decoration for your schedule book or letter.


9. Post card “Rice harvesting” (1 item)
This is a postcard of Japanese nostalgic rice harvesting scenery.

10.  Meiji “Kinoko-no-yama” white chocolate coating (1p)
“Kinoko-no-yama” is one of the famous chocolate snacks in Japan.
This snack is reproduced mushrooms with crispy pretzels and delicious white chocolate. This is Hokkaido limited.

A number of items: 10.



1. “Hoshigaki” (dried persimmons) (2P)
Persimmons are the ultimate fruit of autumn!
An elegant Japanese sweet that uses the natural sweetness of persimmon.

2. The sticks of apple (Apple is made in Aomori Pref.) (1P)
Apples with peel were cut stick-shaped, and crisp texture at a low-temperature vacuum frying process.

3. Grape jelly from Okayama (1P)
This jelly made from Okayama Pre. grapes (New pione species).
Please enjoy the rich taste with generous fruit.

4. Soft apple (dried apple) (1P)
This snack freeze-dried apples made from Aomori Pref. It is no additives and no coloring, but soft texture.
Children even can eat it with confidence.

5. Morinaga Chocolate Pie Japanese chestnut taste (1P)
This chocolate cake pie is the taste of Japanese chestnut.
Enjoy a special time with an autumn limited cake.

6. Fruit clip Grape and apple (each 1 item)
Cute seasonal fruit clip.
You feel the visiting of autumn anytime with this clip!

7. “Sen-guri” (Candied chestnut) (1P)
These sweets is only boiled a chestnut with the inner skin, added only sugar. It is a Gem of Tokushima Pref.
Please taste the deliciousness of the material.

8. Morinaga “Anno-imo” sweet potato Caramel (1P)
This caramel is used “Anno-imo” sweet potato from Tanegashima Kagoshima Pref..
Please enjoy the rich sweetness of “Anno-imo” and milk.

9. Sweet potato non-fried crispy crackers (1P)
A crispy cracker made by “Anno-imo” sweet potato paste into the dough.
It is a slightly sweet and fragrant sweet potato taste.

10. Glico PRETZ Sweet potato flavor (1P)
The fragrance and sweetness of “Beni-azuma” sweet potato that gently spreads in your mouth.
You can also take the fiber derived from the ingredients.
* Dietary fiber 1.9g (per 1 box)

11. Rice cracker “Iburi-gakko” taste (1P)
This rice cracker’s flavor is “Iburi-gakko”, that is Akita Prefecture’s traditional pickle.
The fragrant flavor is perfect for beer snacks!

12. “Kaki no Tane” rice cracker (5P)
“Kaki no Tane” is a very famous Niigata prefecture’s souvenir.
It is a small rice cracker in the form of a persimmon seed.
It is seasoned with red pepper, so it is a little spicy.

The number of items: 18.