November 2019: Koyo “The Colored Leaves” Box

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When this box arrives at your place, Japan will be covered with beautiful “Koyo” (Colored Leaves).
“Koyo” can be seen in most types of deciduous trees as many as they are deciduous trees.
Of course, the representative trees are “Momiji” (Maple). But “Ichou” (Ginkgo) or “Sakura” (Cherry tree) are also changed beautifully colored.
Since Tokyo’s symbol tree is “Ichou”, many “Ichou” trees are planted in Tokyo.
When those “Ichou” leaves turn yellow, it looks like a golden tree.
Of course, the “Koyo” of the “Sakura” is also beautiful.
“Sakura” leaves don’t change into a certain color. It changes to various colors such as red, yellow or orange.
It has a different beauty from spring.
Therefore, the famous place for “Sakura” in spring is also popular as a place for “Koyo” in autumn.

In Japan, there is the word “Momiji-Zensen” (maple front).
This is a front-line comparison of the appearance date of “Koyo” such as maple and ginkgo from north to south.
As the maple front moves southward, full-scale winter will comes to Japan.

In this month’s Box, we prepare many Japanese items that will make you enjoy the “Koyo” (Colored Leaves)!
We promise that beautiful pottery and cute ornaments will make your “Koyo” time happy!

The Lifestyle Box

1.”Momiji” (Maple) motif middle-size plate (1 item)
A plate with a vivid “maple” motif.
This plate is middle-size, so it is very easy to use.

2. “Momiji” chopstick rest (each 1 item)
You will get either a “two momiji leaves” or “three momiji leaves”.
It is a cute chopstick rest with a seasonal feel, using a momiji motif.
You can find a beautiful “Kan-nyu” pattern in the green leaves.
※”Kan-nyu” is a fine crack pattern that can be made on the glaze part of pottery.
It is a kind of decoration, and one of the points when watching.

3. Momiji chopsticks (1 set)
It is chopsticks of easy-to-use size.
Because of the two-color set, you can enjoy the “Momiji” together with your loved ones.

4. “Momiji” and cat Furoshiki (1 item)
It is a small “Furoshiki” cloth of the Japanese autumn garden theme that drawing “Momiji” and cat.
“Furoshiki” is a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that can be used to wrap gifts, clothes, and actually just about anything!

5. “Momiji” printing clip (1 item)
“Momiji” motif is printed on this clip.
It’s so cute that you’ll definitely make your workplace and stationery set more fun!

6. Mino-yaki ceramic Cute little apple plate (each 1 item)
You will get either a red or a green plate.
A cute small plate of the size of a woman’s palm!
The vivid color makes the apple shape stand out.

Originated from Gifu Prefecture, Mino-yaki (Mino ware) is Japan’s most popular pottery.
Its history is said to date back to 1300 years ago

7. Acorn bowl with a lid (1 item)
A small bowl with a lid shaped like an acorn.
You will want to make a bowl of hot sweets with a taste of autumn.
It is cute even if you put candy in a bowl.
※This item is from the difference of distortion or shrinkage, it may lid does not fit properly.
In addition, since the representation of the natural acorn, there is such a difference scratch or color unevenness.

8. Momiji Manju (1 item, 3 pieces)
“Momiji Manju” is one of the most famous sweets of the autumn, which is the momiji-leaf-shaped cake.
It is filled with mashed “Anko” (sweet red bean paste).

9. Ginkgo forest letter paper (1 item)
A cute letter paper depicting autumn ginkgo and squirrel.
It is very nice to use properly for the season to season.

10. Postcard “Fallen leaves” (1 item)
This postcard is expressed “Fallen Leaves” by paper-cutting.
You can deliver the autumn of the atmosphere to your loved ones.

The number of items: 10.



1.Kyo no Aki (1P)
“Kyo no Aki” is a mini-size yokan (sweet beans jelly) that is only in autumn.
This yokan with the design of autumn leaves that color the autumn of Kyoto. Expresses a moist and calm atmosphere.
Turn over it to a dish, and, please enjoy it.

2.Momiji Manju (1 item, 6 pieces)
“Momiji Manju” is one of the most famous sweets of the autumn, which is the momiji-leaf-shaped cake.
It is filled with mashed “Anko” (sweet red bean paste).

3. Chiroru chocolate “Momiji Manju” taste (1 item, 7 pieces)
This chocolate reproduces the taste of the “Momiji Manju” of long-established “Yamada-ya” in Hiroshima Pref.

4. Momiji rice cracker (1P)
You can taste 7 flavor rice crackers in one bag.
Please enjoy each taste.

5. Leaf memory chocolate (3P)
Petite chocolate “leaf memory” shaped like a leaf is a popular item in Kobe.
Three types of chocolate taste can be enjoyed in one package.

6. “Shoyu” (Soy sauce) leaf-pie (1P)
A cute leaf shape crunchy pie.
Please enjoy the exquisite balance of soy sauce and granulated sugar.
The expiration date is short, please be careful!

7. Kit Kat Autumn chestnut taste (3P)
Enjoy the rich fragrance and flavor of chestnuts that feel the coming of autumn.

8. A・la・potato (butter flavor) (1P)
Since its release in 1989, it has been delivering the deliciousness of new potatoes from Hokkaido.
Using butter powder from 100% Hokkaido butter.

9. “Salad Hope” rice cracker (3P)
This snack is a long and narrow rice cracker.
A light salty taste and a crispy taste will pull you behind, and it won’t stop when you start eating it!

10. “Chitose-ame” candy (1P)
“Chitose-ame” candy is a traditional candy given to children at the traditional Japanese event “Shichi-go-san”.
Please relish the “Chitose-ame” that hope healthy growth and longevity of children.

11. Autumn tree and leaves sticker (1 item)
This sticker is imagined various autumn nuts and bright red leaves.
An autumn-like glitter seal was made.

The number of items: 17.