October 2022 : “Obento” (the lunch Box) Box

Autumn has arrived!
It is the arrival of the season when there are many events such as “Undo-kai” (sports days) and “Ensoku” (excursion) in Japan. And when it comes to enjoying “Undo-kai” and “Ensoku”, it’s lunch boxes, right?
You don’t need to explain “bento” anymore, right? That’s right, it’s the food you carry with you when you go out or eat outdoors.
There is a theory about the origin of the word “bento”, but it is said that the warlord “Oda Nobunaga”, who was active in the 16th century, named it “bento”. 
At that time, it meant “a simple meal to distribute to each person.
 By the way, in Japan, there are different names for bento depending on the scene.
・Makunouchi Bento: So called because it is eaten between the curtains of a play. A slightly extravagant bento is sometimes called this way.
・Ekiben: Bento sold at railway stations. “Ekiben” are often made using the local cuisine of the place, and the popular “Ekiben” is sold out quickly.
・Hinomaru Bento: A bento that is just white rice with “Umeboshi” (pickled plum) in the middle. It imitates the flag of Japan.
・Chara-ben: A bento that children will love, with characters made from eggs, nori seaweed, ham, and other ingredients. Difficult to make!
・Ai-sai Bento: Bento that a wife makes for her husband. So envious…
There are many other bento boxes. There are as many lunch boxes as there are at lunchtime.
The Lifestyle Box
1. “Jyubako” Lunch Box “Ume”(Plum blossom) pattern (1 item)
“Jubako” is a type of Japanese Lunch box. This “Jubako” can hold a lot of food, so it is used when you go out with your family or when you put “Osechi dishes” for New Year’s.
2. Mino-yaki Square small bowl (1p)
Just the right size for sauces and pickles, right? Of course, it’s good to use when cooking, but it’s also excellent as a small container.
Originated from Gifu Prefecture, Mino-yaki (Mino ware) is Japan’s most popular pottery.
Its history is said to date back to 1300 years ago.
3. Round small bowl (1 item)
This small bowl is made in the style of “Oribe”. In Japan, a traditional food called “Osechi” is placed in a “Jyubako” on New Year’s Day. At that time, We use small bowls like this to pack the food in an attractive manner.
4. Japanese style side dish case (1 item)
Using this case will add Japanese style taste to your dish. It will add a vivid Japanese shade to your lunch box.
5. 100% cotton “Onigiri” shaped hand towel (each 1 item)
You will get either a brown or cream colored towel. This funny hand towel looks like “Onigiri”(rice balls) !!
6. Wood pattern “Mage-wappa” Bento box (1 item)
“Mage-wappa” is a wooden box made by bending thin wooden boards such as cedar and cypress, which are made as traditional crafts all over Japan. Unfortunately, this bento box is not made of wood, but it has a very nice atmosphere.
7. 100% cotton “Bento” drawstring bag (1 item)
An easy-to-use drawstring “Bento” bag. Let’s go out by wrapping the “Mage-wappa Bento” in this bag! ! There is no doubt that you can enjoy the atmosphere of a Japanese bento.
8. Colorful ice packs (3P / set)
A colorful and cute polar bear pattern ice pack. Place it in the freezer and let it cool flat for at least 6 hours before using. This is the type that freezes hard. Made in Japan.
9.”Onigiri” A5 size notebook (1 item)
An A5 size notebook with a cute rice ball design on the cover. The contents are simple and easy-to-use dot patterns. How you use it is up to you, such as writing sentences, graphs, and drawing illustrations.
The Number of items : 9