November 2020 : “Koyo” (Colored Leaves) Box

When this box arrives at your place, Japan will be covered with beautiful “Koyo” (Colored Leaves).
“Koyo” is one of the things that Japanese people love along with cherry blossoms.
The minimum daily temperature of 8 ℃ or less is required for the “Koyo” to begin. It is said that it will progress further when the temperature drops below 5℃.
There are several conditions to make the “Koyo” beautiful.
For example, it is said that conditions such as “large difference in temperature between day and night”, “It is better slope than level ground”, “air is not polluted”, or “moderate moisture” are required.
Famous spots for “Koyo” are found in plateaus, canyons, and high altitude lakes and waterfalls that meet these conditions.
There are also famous places in temples and parks with large sites and gardens.
The reason why the beautiful “Koyo” is so pleasant is that the conditions for the beautiful “Koyo” is rich in nature.
The Lifestyle Box

1.Mino-yaki “Momiji” Large-size plate (1 item)
This plate will bring autumn in Japan to your table. It is a perfect plate for pasta, salad, simmered dishes, etc.
The astringent color makes your dishes look more delicious.

2. Mino-yaki “Momiji” Yunomi teacup (1 item)
An easy-to-use “Yunomi” teacup with a beautiful autumnal pattern.
You can feel the arrival of autumn at your table.
Originated from Gifu Prefecture, Mino-yaki (Mino ware) is Japan’s most popular pottery.
Its history is said to date back to 1300 years ago.
3. Ginkgo-shaped small plate (1 item)
Beautiful ginkgo-shaped small plate with golden rim. You can use it with your ideas. For example, a spoon rest or a jam plate.
4. Ginkgo-shaped “Yoji” toothpick (1 item)
A stainless steel toothpick that is easy to use not only for the Japanese tea ceremony but also for everyday sweets and fruits.
This “Yoji” is made in Tsubame City (Niigata Prefecture), where is famous for metal processing.
5. “Momiji” coaster made of Japanese paper (Each1 item)
You will get either red or blue or green or yellow or brown.
It is a coaster used paper “Washi” made by Japanese traditional recipe. It is waterproof.
6. “Momiji” pattern towel handkerchief (1 item)
Popular gauze towel handkerchief. Thin, light, and easy to use!
Let’s go hiking with a beautiful “Momiji” pattern handkerchief!
7. “Hagi” pattern Tea Tin (1 item)
The outside of the tin is wrapped in the durable Washi (traditional Japanese paper). The pattern illustrates the “Hagi”
(bush clover). The tin can be used to keep tea leaves, candies, or whatever you’d like to!
8. Autumn pattern letter set (1 item)
It is a mini-sized letter set that includes a large, solid envelope and a letter card made of hard paper.
Why not send a photo or a letter to your friends during the long autumn nights?
9. “Anrakuji” temple “Momiji” Landscape postcard (1 item)
This is a watercolor painting style postcard.
The famous “Momiji” Tourist attraction in Kyoto are drawn.
Is a postcard that Kyoto’s autumn atmosphere is transmitted.
10. “Momiji” rice cracker (2P)
You can taste four flavors of rice crackers in one bag. Please enjoy each taste.
Number of items: 11.