April 2018: The Sakura Box

Sakura or the Cherry Blossom is a special flower. It represents spring and new beginnings.
Yet, it also represents the fragility of life. Sakura blooms splendidly, but only over the course of two weeks, then starts to fall. Ultimately, it serves as a reminder of the beauty of life which is precious but at the same time precarious.
All in all, Sakura is the symbolic flower of Japan’s springtime. This April, let’s celebrate the long-awaited spring and appreciate the delicate pink Sakura with us!


The Lifestyle Box

1. Ceramic Sakura Plate (1 item)
This plate embraces the beauty Yozakura will sure make your dining table and food glittering!

2. Ceramic Sakura Yunomi Teacup (1 item)

3. Lacquered Sakura Tray (1 item)
A perfect complement to the Yunomi Teacup. There’s now one more reason to drink tea everyday!

4. Sakura Tea (1 item)
Sakura Tea is often served at weddings and other celebratory occasions.
It is considered a auspicious drink as the opening petals in hot water represent achievements and successes.

5. Sakura Furoshiki (1 item)
Furoshiki are a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that can be used to wrap gifts, clothes, and actually just about anything!
They can also be used for other purposes in and outside the house.
This item here, for example, is ideal as a lunch mat, don’t forget to bring it to your hanami party!

6. Sakura Cookies (3p)
These sakura-flavored cookies are shaped like actual sakura petals. They are perfect to enjoy with Sakura Tea.

7. Sakura Letter Set (1 item)
There is one of the 2 designs in the box: sakura and a sleeping cat or a sitting dog.

8. Sakura & Sleeping Cat Postcard (1 item)
The postcard portrays a cat sleeping peacefully under a Sakura tree. The warm springtime is sure a good time for sleep!

Number of items: 10



1. Sakura Jelly (1p)
It is a jelly that actually contains Sakura flower.
Since it looks like Sakura is blooming, you can enjoy not only eating but also appreciation.

2. Sakura Cookies (2p)
It is a cookie with salted Sakura.

3. Sakura Soft Candy (5p)
Inside each Hina Ningyo printed packet are 2 pieces of peach flavored ramune candy.

4. Sakura Hitohira Cookies (3p)

5. Sakura Tea (1p)

6. Sakura Tart (2p)
This is a Sakura-flavored Tart.

7. Rice Crackers (1p)
This is an assortment of crackers.There is also Sakura-shaped rice crackers in this.
There are two kinds of packages: pink and white, one of which is in your box.

8. Haru-Potato : Potato Chips (1p)
This is a faintly sweet salty potato chips.

9. Sakura Masking Tape (1 item)
This is a masking tape with a pattern of Sakura petals drawn.If you use it as gift wrapping or letter, you will be able to deliver Spring to your opponent!

Number of items: 17