January 2019: FUYU “The Winter Season” Box

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The theme of this January box is “Fuyu” (the winter season). Full – fledged winter has come to Japan. It snows in all areas except Okinawa in Japan.
Especially, heavy snowfall areas are called “Yukiguni”. “Yukiguni” areas are Hokkaido, Aomori-Ken, Akita-Ken, Iwate-Ken, Niigata-Ken, etc.

Do you know that there are events to enjoy winter in Japan?
For example, the Sapporo Snow Festival is one of Japan’s largest winter events. It attracts about two million people from Japan and abroad every year. During the festival, Sapporo is turned into a winter dreamland of crystal-like ice and white snow.
In Nagano Pref. at “Jigokudani Onsen”, wild monkeys come for bathing in natural hot springs. It is famous for being called “snow monkey”, becoming a popular tourist target.

In this month’s box, we prepare a lot of Japanese Winter season items. Because there are beautiful potteries and colorful clothes, let’s experience the Japanese beautiful winter!

The Lifestyle Box


1. “Sazanka” (Camellia) Ceramic small plate (1 item)
The flower language of “Sazanka” is “purity”. It will be coloring your table with beautiful colors of white snow and red flowers.

2. “Tonsui” bowl (1 item)
3. “Renge” spoon (1 item)
“Tonsui” bowl and “Renge” spoon are often used as a set mainly when eating “Nabe”(hot pot dishes).
“Tonsui” bowl’s edge features a slight protrusion. If you hold your finger on this edge, it will be stable and you can have less heat feeling.

4. “Kairo” Disposable heat pack (2P)
It is disposable “Kairo”. Maximum operating temperature 65℃, average temperature 51 ° C, duration 20 hours.
It is a “Kairo” with a validity period of 5 years. Expiration date 5 years is the first product as general warmer for warmers.

5. Greeting Card Maiko & snow (1 item)
The card is made using embossing techniques, thus the designs are slightly raised above the surface.
It is one of the greeting card series that features Maiko and famous attractions in Kyoto in different seasons. This is a high-quality product made by the Kyoto-based manufacturer of paper related products.

6. “Oden” pattern towel handkerchief (1 item)
It is a popular Japanese style gauze handkerchief. Thin, light and easy to use!
“Oden” is one of the Japanese hot pot dishes which contains boiled egg, “daikon”, konjac, etc…

7. “Amazake” (1p)
8. “Oshiruko” (1p)
These two kinds of drinks are sweet drinks, the Japanese prefer to drink it in the winter.
“Amazake” uses “koji” (Rise malt) and “sake kasu”(the leftover bits when made sake).
“Oshiruko” is sweet red beans paste’s soup.

9. Snow motif Letter Pad(1p)
This is a letter pad which can be used both for memo writing and for a letter.

10. “SARASA” Ballpoint pen from ZEBRA (1item)
This ballpoint pen with silver-colored snowflake and Hokkaido’s mark designed.

11. Yuskin “Hana” Deep Moist Hand Cream (1P)
This Hand Cream is famous in Japan. In the winter of Japan, the air is very dry.
However, not everyone has skin irritation. Please stop using it when it does not fit your skin.
During your use, if abnormality such as redness, swelling, itching etc.
occurs, we recommend you stop using and consult with a dermatologist or specialist etc.

Number of items: 11.



1. Dried sweet potato (1p)
Sweet potato “Beni-Haruka” was dried and processed by vacuum fermentation drying method. You can enjoy the sweetness of the material as it is.

2. Rice crackers with winter package (2p)
This is an assortment of Rice Crackers. There are two kinds of Japanese winter plant’s packages: “Nanten” and “Camellia”.

3. Kanro Health Throat candy “Plum flavor” (1p)
In the winter of Japan, the air is very dry. “Kishu plum” and “honey” will moisten your throat.

4. “Rokkatei” Strawberry Chocolate (1P)
This sweets used freeze dry strawberries (only ripe), wrapped it in white chocolate of the Rokkatei.
It is a popular souvenir in Hokkaido.

5. “Raichou no Sato” (2p)
Long hit biscuit over 40 years in Nagano prefecture is almost the same taste as before.
It is a standard sweet in Nagano, which is “Yukiguni”.

6. “Shiroi Koibito” langue de chat cookies (4p)
It is a super classic winter sweet of Hokkaido. There are two flavors, white chocolate, and milk chocolate. I Love it!

7. Yuki-shio Chinsuko (1p)
This sweet that combines sea salt powder “Yuki- Shio” (Snow Salt) and traditional sweets of Ryukyu’s “Chinsuko”.
“Yuki-Shio” (Snow Salt) is made by pumping underground seawater at Miyakojima in Okinawa Prefecture.

8. Chiroru-choko “kinako mochi” taste (1p)
“Kinako” flavored chocolate included the rice cake gummy .

9. Post card “hot spring”(1item)
This cute postcard is the scenery that an pretty animals enter the hot spring.

Number of items: 14.