June 2019: TSUYU The “Rainy season” Box

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By the time this “TSUYU” BOX arrives at your hand, Japan will be in the rainy season, and the “Ajisai” (hydrangea) flower will have
bloomed all over Japan.

“Ajisai” flowers bloom in many colors, and the most common colors are blue, pink and purple.
The color of “Ajisai” changes every year.
The flowers that bloom in the same soil also change color slightly each year.
It is said that the color of flowers changes as the soil becomes alkaline or acidic.
Therefore, planting potted “Ajisai” in the garden may change in a completely different flower color.

Is it not one of the ways of enjoying “Tsuyu” to do “Ajisai” viewing while thinking about such a thing?
“Tsuyu” is not pleased very much, however, the rainfall of “Tsuyu” influences the harvest of the year.
“Tsuyu” is a very important season for agriculture in Japan.

In this June 2019 edition, you can enjoy the “Tsuyu” with the “Tsuyu” themed lifestyle items. You’ll find the Japanese a little seasonal tradition in this box!


The Lifestyle Box

1. Hydrange ceramic rice bowl “Arita-yaki” or “Mino-yaki” (1 item)
You will get either a “①Arita-yaki” or “②Mino-yaki” ceramic rice bowl.
Each item is very beautiful hydrangea pattern drawn.
※”Arita-yaki” is pottery from the Arita region of Saga Prefecture. And “Mino-yaki” is pottery from the Mino region of Gifu Prefecture.
These are one of the three great ceramics of Japan.

①Arita-yaki” ceramic rice bowl.

②Mino-yaki” ceramic rice bowl.

2. Disc-shaped flower vase (1 item)
The using of this vase, small flowers can be wonderfully decorated.
Of course, it will be a beautiful object even if you just put it.
Both floor and wall hangings can be used. Using this vase will make your room Japanese style.

3. “Makie” Bookmark (Ajisai) (1 item)
It is an elegant and beautiful bookmark using a technique to make a plate and draw a pattern. “Makie” is drawn by gold lacquer.
You can always see the beautiful hydrangea.

4. “Bo-shu” motif Masking tape (1 item)
This is a masking tape with a pattern of hydrangea.
If you use it as gift wrapping or letter, you will be able to deliver a beautiful rainy season to your friends.
※”Bo-shu” is one of the twenty-four seasons in the Japanese lunar calendar.
In this season, we sow seeds of crops, such as rice or wheat.
When it sees from the viewpoint of the weather, it becomes the time when it becomes a rainy season (Tsuyu).

5. Snail-shaped ceramic plate (1 item)
This plate is beautiful white “Hakeme” design and snail-shaped cute ceramic plate.
“Hakeme” means a pattern that a white glaze is vigorously painted with a hard brush or the like.

6. Nara Kayakiji fabric cloth (1 item)
It is a towel made of mosquito nets fabric that takes advantage of the tradition of making mosquito nets in Nara.
※ Chlorine bleach can also be used.
When used for the first time, soak in warm water and wash the cloth carefully for removing the glue.
After dry, this cloth will be fluffy and very soft.

7. Cute Rainbow pencil (1 item)
The core of this pencil is seven colors! The color changes when it comes around while drawing ♪.
Rainbow make on your table!
(1/5 Rainbow color lead & 4/5 black lead in one.)

8. Fujiya Parasol Chocolate (2p)
This is chocolate shaped of umbrellas. Your box contains two kinds, milk and strawberry taste chocolate.

9. Postcard “Rainy season frog” (1 item)
A postcard drawn a “frog” with a gentle atmosphere.
When it rains, plants are overjoyed! Of course the frog too …

Number of items: 10.



1. “Wasanbon” sugar sweets (rainy season motif) (1p)
“Wasanbon” is the refined sugar that is made in microparticles sugar by the unique manufacturing and traditional method in Shikoku region in Japan.
These Wasanbon are shaped things related to Tsuyu.
Please enjoy the unique melting in your mouth.

2. “Ajisai” Hydrangea jelly (1P)
Cute fruity jelly with a variety of sweet tastes.

3. “Kawara-senbei” cookies (2P)
It is a popular cookie in “Kamakura” famous for hydrangea.
Kamakura’s tourist attraction is printed on the package.
(Kamakura is a tourist attraction, it is called “Kyoto in Kanagawa Prefecture”.)

4. Early summer shaped rice cracker (1P)
Seasonal assorted small rice crackers as the from of early summer motifs.Use glutinous rice from Japan.

5. Piggy bank with “frog” design (1item)
In Japanese, “kaeru” has double means, ①go back, ②frog.
Therefore, from the old days, frogs are used for design things such as piggy banks, in the sense that they will come back.
Your money may come back, Maybe…?

6. Frog’s egg? Gummy candy (5P/1pack)
This gummy feel soft, in the delicious top class in the Gummy! you get two kinds to taste, coke and soda taste.

7. “Sakuranbo kirara” Japanese cherry jelly (2P)
A delicious jelly filled with cherries from Yamagata Prefecture.
Caution : As seeds of the cherries are included in jelly, please be careful when you eat.
※Yamagata Prefecture is a famous production area for cherries.

8.Morinaga Hi-chew cherry taste (1P)
“Hi-chew” is one of the most popular soft candy in Japan.
Cherry flavor (limited of Tohoku area) was released to the “Hi-chew”.
The cherry flavor uses Yamagata-produced cherries.

9. HORI “Yubari” melon jelly(1P)
Yubari melon is a very famous Japanese melon brand.
You will be amazed at feels like eating a real Yubari melon!

10. “GINBIS” Yaki Edamame (1P)
This snacks are reminiscent of real edamame!
It uses Yamagata Prefecture’s beans.

11. Edamame and salt kelp flavor “Jagariko” Potato Sticks (1P)
It is a flavorful taste where the deliciousness of slightly fragrant edamame and the delicious taste of salt kelp perfectly match.
season limited flavor.

12. Sesame taste “Karinto” (1P)
“Karinto” is one of the traditional sweets in Japan.
In addition to seasonal sweets, we have delivered you delicious
traditional Japanese sweets.

Number of items: 20.