March 2020 : Sakura “The Cherry Blossoms” Box

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This month’s theme is “Sakura” (the cherry blossoms).
As a flower symbolizing spring, “Sakura” is familiar to Japanese people, and the majority of Japanese like “Sakura”.
“Sakura” is one of the special flowers in Japan.
For example, the flowering of “Sakura” is used as the signal to start agriculture from the ancient days.

In Japanese spring, “Sakura” trees will be started blossoming all at once.
The most beautiful period of cherry blossoms is very short, which is compared to the fragility of life.

Well, we will enjoy “Hanami” (cherry blossom viewing) during the short “Sakura” peak period. When once Sakura is in full bloom, the Japanese gather
under the Sakura trees and do picnic parties to enjoy the dazzling blossoms as well as food and drinks.

Daytime “Hanami” is wonderful, but the cherry blossoms that were lighted up at night are exceptional. It is called “Yozakura” (Night cherry blossoms).
In parks that are famous for “Hanami”, you can enjoy to light up the “Sakura” for a limited time and enjoy the “Yozakura”.
However, even “Sakura” that is not light up can be enjoyed in the moonlight, which makes you feel very elegant.
The “Sakura” please us very beautifully in the daytime at night all day.

The Lifestyle Box

1. Mino-yaki “Sakura” ceramic bowl (1item)
It is a bowl that brings gorgeousness to the table.
You can always keep beautiful “Sakura” at hand.

Originated from Gifu Prefecture, Mino-yaki (Mino ware) is Japan’s most popular pottery. Its
history is said to date back to 1300 years ago

2. “Yozakura” soup bowl (1 item)
A soup bowl with beautiful shades of black like a night sky and cherry color.
Its design seems to the landscape of “Yozakura” (cherry blossoms at night).

3. Sakura-printed chopsticks (1 item)
The natural wooden chopsticks, it is printed beautiful “Shidare-zakura” (Weeping cherry blossom).

4. Mino-yaki Chopstick rest (each 1 item)
Cute cherry blossom petal-type chopstick rest.
You can use it in various ways with your ideas.

5.”Sakura” shaped plate (1item)
The right size to put sweets and chocolates at tea time.
It can also be used as teacup saucers.

6. Mino-yaki “Sakura” ceramic plate (1item)
A small plate with a lovely design with beautiful Cherry blossom coloring the river surface.

7. “Yozakura” pattern Furoshiki (1 item)
This “Furoshiki” is “Yozakura” pattern.
“Yozakura” is cherry blossoms at night.
It is easy to use every day. Also can be used as a tapestry, beautifully decorate your room.
Furoshiki are the traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, that can be used to wrap gifts, clothes, and just about anything.

8. Mino Washi “Sakura” mini letter set (1 item)
It is a letter set using paper “Washi” made by Japanese traditional recipe.
Send your loved ones a letter and make their day with these beautiful sakura papers and envelopes!

9. “Kiyomizu-Dera” Temple
10. Cherry blossoms on the “Tetsugaku-no-michi” (path of philosophy) “Sakura” Landscape Post Card (each 1 item)
This is a watercolor painting style postcard.
The famous “Sakura” Tourist attraction in Kyoto are drawn.



11.sweet “Sakura” tea (1P)
It picked the “Sakura” flower in their best condition.
It is considered an auspicious drink as the opening petals in hot water represent achievements and successes.

The number of items: 11.


1. Glico Pocky “from JAPAN Sakura jitate”(1P)
Crispy Pretzel wrapped with an elegant sweet cherry flavored chocolate.
The subtle salty taste enhances the cherry flavor.

2. Glico cream collon “Sakura matcha” (1p)
The sakura cream was wrapped in bittersweet matcha waffles.
Uses Japanese Sakura powder and Nishio Matcha.

3. Sakura anko candy (1p)
This candy is wrapped “Anko” (red bean paste) from Hokkaido Tokachi. It is a candy like a Japanese sweet.

4. Sakura Okaki rice cracker (1p)
It is a cute “Sakura”- shaped red and white rice cracker.
Sakura rice cracker is flavored with delicious kelp soup.

5. MINTIA Sakura flavor (1p)
This Mint spreads the gorgeous “Sakura” flavor as soon as you put it in your mouth.
Refresh yourself with a wonderful spring seasonal feeling, “Sakura” fragrance and a pleasant refreshing feeling!

6. Sakura gummy Candy (1p)
Juicy soft gummy candy with “Sakura” flavor.
It has the shape of a “Sakura” petal.

7. “Sakura ebi” no mai rice cracker (2p)
This rice cracker with a delicious “Sakura ebi ” shrimp flavor.
The flavor of the “Sakura ebi” shrimp and the crisp texture is addictive.

8.Chiroru chocolete “Sakura mochi” (1p)
Realistic reproduction of sakura mochi!
I wrapped the gummy with sakura mochi chocolate and “Azuki” (red bean) chocolate.

9. Sakura chocolate crepe (2p)
The thinly layered crepes image the ephemeral nature of the “Sakura”.
Crepe wrapped in “Sakura” flavored chocolate.
It is a sweet that can enjoy the fragrance of “Sakura”.

10. Sakura Monaka (5p)
Sakura-flavored “Monaka”.
“Monaka” is a traditional Japanese sweet in which “Anko” (red bean jam) is sandwiched between two crisp,
light-as-air wafers made from sticky rice flour.

11. chipstar Sakura-shio (1p)
Happiness Chip Star Sakura Shio flavor! Spring Sakura package is also great

12. Sakura Daikon (1p)
Nostalgic Japanese snack.
It is chilled to eat and will be even more delicious.

13. Spring pattern flake stickers (1P)
An elegant flake seal made from light colored washi paper.
Five kinds of stickers, such as cherry blossoms and warbler, are included six sheets each.

The number of items: 19.