October 2021 : “Aki-no-shuukakusai” (The Harvest Season)Box

This month’s theme is “Aki-no-shuukakusai” (The Harvest season).
Autumn has come and the season for harvesting vegetables and fruits has come again
this year!
Harvested fresh vegetables and fruits are lined up in the shop.
Even in Japan, it is customary to celebrate the “Aki-no-shuukakusai”(harvest festival),
but in urban areas such as Tokyo, we do not often see “Aki-no-shuukakusai”. However,
when fresh autumn vegetables are lined up in the store, it makes me feel very excited.
What kind of food do you cook with the harvested vegetables?
How about “Japanese curry” with plenty of autumn vegetables? By the way, do you
know “Japanese curry”?
“Japanese curry” is a curry that has evolved independently from the original Indian
“Japanese curry” is general curry rice (rice topped with curry) and is one of the most
common Japanese home-cooked dishes. Besides, curry udon (curry on noodles) and
curry pan (fried bread bun filled with spicy curry sauce) are also popular.
The basic ingredients of Japanese curry are onions, carrots, potatoes, and meat. Meat
varies according to likings, such as beef, pork, and chicken.
These four types of materials are immutable as basic materials. In addition to these
ingredients, seasonal vegetables may be added.
And the characteristic of “Japanese curry” is that it is a thick sauce derived from wheat
“Japanese curry” is generally made using instant curry called “curry roux” sold by many
food companies. It’s a block or powdered roux.
With these “curry roux”, anyone can easily make delicious “Japanese curry” without

The Lifestyle Box

1. Mino-yaki Japanese ironware style square bowl (1 item)
This bowl creates an iron-like atmosphere while being ceramic.
Beautiful tableware with this glossy will stimulate the desire for your cooking. Is the suitable bowl such as curry or stew.

Originated from Gifu Prefecture, Mino-yaki (Mino ware) is Japan’s most popular pottery.
Its history is said to date back to 1300 years ago.

2. Vegetable and chicken freeze-dried curry (1p)
A curry with large cut vegetables that goes well with vegetables and chicken. It has a slightly spicy taste.

3. Shovel spoon (1 item)
It is a spoon with a shovel motif. Please use this spoon when your friends come.
I think it will make your life more interesting! Of course, it is made in Japan!

4. Pumpkin pattern small bowl (1 item)
A small bowl with a nostalgic atmosphere in Japan.
It is a small bowl of the size that has come to put side dishes such as sauce and pickled plums.

5. Persimmon pattern “tenugui” cotton handkerchief (1 item)
This fabric uses the finest “Tokuoka” among the tenugui fabrics. It is a delicate pattern that conveys the autumn scene of Japan.
“Tenugui” is very easy to dry and can be used hygienically. It is made from 100% cotton in Japan.

6. Indigo grape pattern plate (1 item)
The grapes, which are synonymous with autumn fruits, are drawn in stylish indigo.
A plate with a cute little distorted shape. This plate will bring nice autumn to your table.

7.Mino-Washi Letter set (1 item)
It is the letter set using paper “Washi” made by Japanese traditional recipe.
Let’s deliver the season of apples to your loved ones in the letter set the apple of just harvested has been drawn!

8. “秋” (Autumn) postcard (1 item)
The Chinese character “秋” (autumn) is made from vegetables harvested in autumn.
Mushrooms, grapes, sweet potatoes … Did you find the Chinese character for “秋”?

The number of items: 8.