June 2021 : “Tsuyu” (The Rainy season) Box

By the time this “Tsuyu” (The Rainy season) BOX arrives at your hand, Japan will be in the “Tsuyu”, and the “Ajisai” (hydrangea) flower will have bloomed all over Japan.
In the “Tsuyu” season, are you tired of raining every day?
I agree. Even in Japan, “Tsuyu” has few sunny days, and the humidity is high, so it is not liked very much.
However, there are many wonderful things that can only be enjoyed during the “Tsuyu”.
For example, “Ajisai” (hydrangea). This flower is synonymous’s flower with the “Tsuyu”. The “Ajisai” flowers, which are wet in the rain, are so beautiful that they captivate the viewer. And the fresh green wet with the rain is also beautiful.
“Tsuyu” is an indispensable season for the coming hot summer. Because It is to secure water for hot summers and agriculture. The rainy season is very important for the coming hot summer.
The Lifestyle Box

1. Arita-yaki “Ajisai” (Hydrangea) plate (1item)
A plate with a beautiful “Ajisai” drawn on it.
A non-round plate will be very easy to use for any dish.

Originated from the Arita region in Saga Prefecture, Arita-yaki (Arita ware) is one of Japanese historical pottery.
Its history is said to date back to 400 years ago

2. Mino-yaki Small “Ajisai” plate (1 item)
A small “hydrangea” plate with a light hue.
Use as a saucer or the storage location of accessories, so it used wider use depending on your ideas.

Originated from Gifu Prefecture, Mino-yaki (Mino ware) is Japan’s most popular
pottery. Its history is said to date back to 1300 years ago.

3. Mino-yaki Small soil bell “Ajisai” pattern (1 item)
It is small soil bell pottery. It is “Ajisai” designed.
You can bloom small “hydrangea” around you in this soil bell.

4. Mino-yaki small vase (1item)
The black vase makes the flowers look beautiful.
It’s the perfect size to decorate small flowers. If you can’t go out because of the rain, decorate the flowers!

5. “Imabari” towel with raindrop pattern embroidery (1 item)
This towel is made in Shikoku region “Imabari” of the famous towel production areas. It is safe and high-quality towels.
This towel handkerchief is embroidered with cute raindrops.
6. “Shibuki” pattern envelope (1 item)
It is an envelope made of the paper “Washi” made by Japanese traditional recipes. “Shibuki” is one of the classic Japanese patterns. It has a fluffy texture, but it can be written.
7. “ChinoWa kuguri” postcard (1 item)
This is a postcard that expresses the summer event “Chinowa kuguri”.
What is “Chinowa”? A large ring which is made of “Kaya” installed on the approach to the shrine during the “Natsu no ooharae”. (“Natsu no ooharae” is a prayer event for health in the summer. It is held in June.)
It is said that illness can be avoided by going through this circle.
8. Dehumidifying sheet for shoes (1p)
Contains 2 dehumidifying sheets for shoes. It is able to be used repeatedly!
Bamboo charcoal and silica gel are ideal for combating bad odors and humidity. It can also be used for boots.
This sheet does not release moisture or become jelly-like even if it absorbs moisture.
9. Calbee “Kappa Ebisen” (1P)
It is a very popular shrimp snack in Japan.
By the way, “Kappa” has two meanings. One is “Aiba” (raincoat). I use it on rainy days.
The other is “Kappa”. This is the name of “Youkai” (Japanese specter), who is said to live in the river. In any case, “kappa” is a word related to rain. However, neither of the “kappa” names in this snack is relevant. .. ..
The Number of items: 9.