March 2019: MOMO The “Peach Blossoms” Box

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The theme of this March box is “Momo” (The Peach Blossoms).
Have you ever seen “Hana Momo”(Peach blossoms)?
“Hana Momo” is unlike the peach flowers that fruit can make, the flower is an improved flower for ornamental.
Its bud is big and fluffy, it looks like the cotton flower.
And the flowers colors are various, such as white, pink, vermillion, crimson, mixed. “Hana Momo” in full bloom is enough beauty to surpass cherry blossoms as well.

Peach blossoms peak in March. And “Hina matsuri” (Japanese dolls Festival) of Japanese traditional events will be held on March 3rd. “Hina dolls” are
various forms depending on the region.
The flowers decorating this doll figure are “peach” and “tachibana” (Japanese mandarin orange’s blossoms). This combination of flowers will not change in any area of Japan. It seems that “peach blossom” and “tachibana” were thought to have the effect of the amulet for girl.

Now, Japan has a peak of the strawberry harvest season in winter.
We enjoy “Hina matsuri” with beautiful peach blossoms and delicious strawberries.

This March, let’s celebrate the “Hina matsuri” with the lovely “Momo” themed lifestyle items. You’ll find the Japanese tradition in this box!


The Lifestyle Box

1. “Tachi-kichi” peach small bowl(1 item)
t is a small bowl designed of the fresh peach and flower. A simple design makes your dish more delicious.

2. Small ball (Flower shape)(1 item)
It is a small bowl for snacks and desserts. What will you serve in this small container?

3. Imabari Towel (Mejiro and Peach) (1 item)
This towel is made in Shikoku “Imabari” of the famous towel production areas. It is safe and high quality towels.
※”Mejiro” is a bird called white-eye

4. “Momo” colored Washi Note pad (1 item)
Made of Mino (Gifu Pref.) Washi. This note pad makes taking notes and writing message all the more fun!

5. “Usui” motif book jacket (1 item)
It is the book jacket for enjoying Japanese seasonal event. You can use it for covering the book.
And you can use a “bookmark” of cute animals.
★”Usui” is 3rd of the twenty-four seasons in the Japanese lunar calendar.
Snow changed to rain, and will slowly snow thawing the snow piled up in the mountain and moisten the fields.
It has been considered a time to start farming for a long time ago.

6. “Hina Matsuri” post card(1 item)
A postcard that the cat is busy for preparing of “Hina matsuri”. The peach blossom is very beautiful.

7. Lacquered Small bowl “Hamaguri” (hard clam) shaped (1 item)
It is a small bowl shaped like “Hamaguri”. we often eat “Hamaguri” in “Hina matsuri”. This bowl can be stabilized even on the table.

8.Japanese doll bookmark (1 item)
This bookmark is the shape of “Japanese doll”. It is made of Japanese Washi paper.

9. “Hina arare” rice crackers(1p)
“Hina arare” is displayed with “hina dolls” in the “Hina matsuri”. And at the festival time, we eat it.

10.”Hina matsuri” sticker (1item)
Let’s add an atmosphere of “Hinamatsuri” to your letter.

Number of items: 10.




1. Meiji Melty Kiss Fruity Strawberry (1P)
You can eat Melty Kiss’ luxury chocolate only winter season. Strawberry’s sweet and sour flavor and melting chocolate thickly taste.

2. Chipstar Toyama Bay White shrimp taste(1P)
It is a chipstar using powder of white shrimp from Toyama prefecture characterized by elegant sweetness.

3. Morinaga chocolate ball strawberry flavor (1P)
These chocolate balls are popular snack among children.
If the “Angel” mark was written in the package, Lucky♡

4. “Noir” Black Cocoa soft cookies “strawberry cream” (3P)
“Amaou” is one of the strawberry species. You can enjoy the taste of Japanese famous “Amaou” Strawberry made in Fukuoka prefecture.

5.”Momo” colored Note pad made of “Washi” (1 item)
This note pad makes taking notes and writing message all the more fun!

6. “Petals” popcorn (1P)
This sweet is one of “Hina matsuri’s sweets” in Kochi Prefecture. In Kochi Pref. it is popular sweets as “calling the spring”.
It is the limited taste of spring.

7. “Hina Matsuri” Mini Gofuru (1P)
It is a mini gofuru made by “Kobe Fugetsu-do”. It is a limited package of “Hina matsuri”.

8. “Hina arare” rice crackers(1p)
It is the five colored crispy rice cracker. It is using 100% glutinous rice produced in Toyama Pref.
This taste is seasoned with kelp, green dried seaweed, soy sauce, and sugar.

9. Marshmallow “Himegokoro” (1p)
Strawberry flavored jelly is into the fluffy marshmallows. Early spring limited package.

10. Hinamatsuri Kuppie Ramune(3p)
It is sweet and sour “ramune” candy, flavored with strawberries and oranges.
This “ramune” candy can be eaten from one year old child.

11.Nitto Kocha “Amazake” (2P)
This “Amazake” using “Koji”(malted rice) made from seven cereals, which had long been popular in Japan.
Please melt in the hot or cold water of about 100ml and enjoy.

Number of items: 16.