April 2019: Sakura The “cherry Blossoms” Box

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This month’s theme is “Sakura” (the cherry blossoms).
As a flower symbolizing spring, “Sakura” is familiar to Japanese people, and the majority of Japanese like “Sakura”.
“Sakura” is one of the special flowers in Japan.

For example, it was thought that “God of cereals” dwelled in the “Sakura” tree and was very important for agriculture from the ancient days.
In addition, the flowering of “Sakura” is used as the signal to start agriculture. In Japanese spring, “Sakura” trees will be started blossoming all at once.
The most beautiful period of cherry blossoms is very short, which is compared to the fragility of life.

Well, we will enjoy “Hanami” (cherry blossom viewing) during the short “Sakura” peak period. When once Sakura is in full bloom, Japanese gather under the Sakura trees and do picnic parties to enjoy the dazzling blossoms as well as food and drinks.
Daytime “Hanami” is wonderful, but the cherry blossoms that were lighted up at night are exceptional. It is called “Yozakura” (Night cherry blossoms)!
The cherry blossoms please us very beautifully in the daytime at night all day.

This April, it’s our pleasure to deliver the beauty of the Sakura, an icon of Japan to you. You are going to discover a wide range of Sakura-themed homeware, stationery and snacks, which will invite you instantly to Japan’s springtime.


The Lifestyle Box

1.Sakura color ceramic plate (1 item)
It is a small bowl of fresh peach and flower motif. A simple design makes your dish more delicious.

2. Ceramic “Yozakura” plate (1 item)
A plate with beautiful shades of dark blue and cherry color. Its design seems to the landscape of “Yozakura”.

3. Mino-yaki Sakura ceramic “Yunomi” Teacup (1 item)
A beautiful Mino-yaki cup of sakura color cup. Enjoy using this appealing “Yunomi” Teacup at your tea time.

4. Freeze Dry Sakura cherry blossom flavor tea (1 P)
Just by pouring hot water, you can enjoy kelp tea with “Sakura” blossoms.
You open the package of this item and put into the teacup. After pouring it up in hot water of 80℃ or more (80~100ml), and stir.
Sakura blossoms can be eaten.

5. Sakura-printed chopsticks and chopstick case pair set (1 item)
A set of Japanese chopsticks and chopstick case. Sakura print is cute! Please take it to a picnic!

6. Sakura pattern Furoshiki (1 item)
This “Furoshiki” is simple Sakura pattern. It is easy to use on a daily basis.
Furoshiki are the traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, that can be used to wrap gifts, clothes, and actually just about anything.

7. Room fragrance (Scent of Sakura) (1 item)
This room fragrance is made of “Wax Row” of the same material as the candle.
It is imitated each one of the Sakura petals, buds, and the petals that started scattering.
A slight scent of cherry blossoms drifts. ※It cannot eat.

8. Mino Washi “Sakura” letter set (1 item)
It is a letter set using paper “Washi” made by Japanese traditional recipe. In addition, this letter set is very cute item with a great sense of sakura.

9. “Yozakura” Post Card(1 item)
This postcard with the theme of “Yozakura”. Deliver a beautiful “Yozakura” to your loved ones.

10.”Nabona” Sakura and cherry flavor (1P)
Spring limited special “Nabona”. Cherry jam and the cream with cherry tree’s leaf of domestically produced “Oshima Sakura” was sandwiched between fluffy soft Castella.

Number of items: 10.



1. Spring Limited “Sakura Cookie” (2P)
It is a Sakura ice box cookie. Sakura shaped cookie is very cute! It is a limited spring product.

2. Sakura waffle (1P)
This is a wavy-shaped cookie that sakura taste cream sandwich on waffle crackers.
The leaf of the Sakura is kneaded into this waffle dough.

3. Sakura BOX candy ( 1P )
Cherry flavored candy is in a box shaped like cherry blossoms.

4. Tokyo Rusk “Sakurusk” (2 P)
The salted cherry blossoms were chopped, and mixed into the butter and baked

5. Moheji “Sakura rice cracker” (1p)
A bite sized shrimp rice cracker with salted cherry blossoms taste. It feels like the Japanese spring.

6. Cherry pudding (1 P)
It is a two-layered dessert of peach pudding and cherry jelly.

7. Colorful sakura shaped cute candy (1 P)
This candy has four flavors, “peach”, “strawberry”, “lemon” and “grape”.

8. Spring shaped rice cracker (1P)
Seasonal assorted small rice crackers as the form of spring motifs. It used “Miyakogane Mochi”, rice from Miyagi Pref.

9. Sakura langue de chat cookies (2p)
It is a langue de chat of the spring limited edition which sandwiches cherry ganache.

10. Iori no Sakura (1P) 
Please enjoy the cherry flavor that spreads slightly to the moist texture of Momoyama dough.

11. Sakura Azuki Chocolate (1P)
It is “Azuki” (red beans) coated with white chocolate. Finished with a slightly salted cherry leaf powder. The Azuki was grown in Hokkaido Tokachi.

12. Soy Joy Crispy “Sakura flavor”(1P)
It is soy puff added to soy flour dough that is a vegetable ingredient and low GI food. It is a light texture. The package is imaged cherry blossoms.

13. Post-it note “Sakura pattern” (1item)
It’s a cute Sakura pattern. You will get one note pad from four patterns of the photo.

Number of items: 16.