May 2018: The Shinrin-Yoku Box

Shinrin-yoku (Forest bathing) is an act of seeing and touching for trees to seek spiritual healing. There are many methods of forest bathing, walking around familiar parks, climbing, camping and so on. In Japan, there are making effective use of the forest, enjoying recreation in the forest, and using it for making mind and body health.
This May, from Shinrin-Yoku themed tableware, cloth and stationery to green colored snacks and sweets, we choosed items that will bring to you spiritual healing and joy.


The Lifestyle Box

1. Ceramic Leaf Plate (1 item)
It is a beautiful plate like real leaves. You may feel like staying in the forest just by placing this on the table.

2. Leaf Yunomi Tea Cup (1 item)
It is a beautiful Yunomi tea cup that colors tea time. Please also look inside the cup!

3. Leaf Natural Wooden Chopsticks (1 item)
It is natural wooden chopsticks with tree leaves drawn. It is even more beautiful when used with chopstick rest and set!

4. Mino-yaki Ceramic Leaf Chopstick Rest (1 item)
This is a cute leaf shaped chopstick rest. It is also possible to use chopsticks as well as spoons and forks.

5. Hinoki Ball (3p / 1pack)
These are balls made of Japanese wood called “Hinoki”.
Please put it in the room or float on the bath, and enjoy the scent of the tree.

6. Japanese Forest Post Card (1p)
It is a postcard using picture of a Japanese forest “Shirakami-Sanchi”.
Shirakami-Sanchi is registered in World Heritage Sites, and which is the representative beech forest in Japan.

7. Forest Letter Paper (1p)
This is a letterpaper which can be used both for memo writing and letter.
Because it is a pattern of beautiful forests, you may be able to deliver healing to those who received the letter.

8. Sasa Panda Handkerchief (1p)
It is a Japanese style handkerchief where cute bamboo and panda are drawn.

9. Tea Leaf Cookies (3p / 1pack)
These cookies are made by Japanese tea leaves.
Tea leaves grown without using pesticides can be eaten by insects. The hole in this cookie is a testimony of using delicious tea leaves to be eaten by insects!

10. Dokodemo Matcha Tea (5p)
You can enjoy Matcha easily by simply pouring hot water.


Number of items: 18



1. Leaf Pie (3p)
Leaves-shaped orthodox pie.

2. Matcha langue de chat (3p / 1pack)

3. Tea Leaf Cookies (3p / 1pack)

4. Matcha Tart (1p)
It is a tart made of matcha and azuki beans.

5. Konpeito Sugar Candy (1p)
This is Konpeito Sugar Candy that pretty decorated with clover!

6. Matcha Baumkuchen (1p)
It is Baumkuchen like a tree trunk. The flavor of this is Matcha.

7. Matcha Cornetta (3p)
This is a sweet made by baked Matcha crepe.

8. Koikeya Potatochips Strong – Sour Cream Onion (1p)

9. Dokodemo Matcha Tea (5p)

10. Japanese Forest Post Card (1p)
It is a postcard using picture of Japanese forest “YakuShima”.
In Yakushima, there is the tree called “Jomon-Sugi” grew thick.  Looking up the stump there from the inside, there is a place where the forest looks like heart-shaped, so it is said to be the power spot of love fulfillment.

Number of items: 22