September 2018: The Minori no Aki Box

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Japan is the country of farming since long ago. Of course, the harvest season of autumn is the happiest season of the year.
In Japan, we will use various names about autumn. For example, “Shokuyoku no Aki” (season of appetite) , “Houjyou no Aki” (Autumn of fruitfulness), “Minori no Aki” (harvest season).
We are glad of the plenty of harvests. And we performed “harvest festival” in each place in autumn from old days. Depending on the region, they carried a portable shrine and celebrated the harvest.

The Lifestyle Box

1. Seasonal Ceramic Plate “chestnut” or “persimmon” (1 item)
This with autumn motif plate make a Happy meal time. You will get either chestnut or persimmon shape plate.
Handwash only2. “Tachi-kichi” grape small bowl (1 item)
It is small bowl of fresh grape motif. A simple design makes your dish more delicious.
Handwash only

3. Wooden tea spoon (1 item)
A wooden tea spoon made from chestnut trees.
Handwash only

4. Acorn shaped Ceramic chopstick rest. (1 item)
This is cute acorn shaped chopstick rest. It is also possible to use chopsticks as well as spoons and forks.
Handwash only

5. Mino-Washi Letter set (1 item)
It is the letter set using paper “Washi” made by Japanese traditional recipe. It is a handy size paper letter, so you can write letters like tweet feeling.

6. Sen-shuu made kitchen towel(1 item)
This towel is mixed chitin / chitosan. It suppresses breeding of bacteria and semipermanently keeps cleanliness!
(※Do not use “Chlorine bleach” “Oxygen bleach” can be used.)

7.Amano Foods / Tasting Miso soup “Mushrooms” (1p)
This Miso soup used three kinds of mushrooms, “Maitake mushroom” (fan-shaped mushroom with multiple layers), “Bunashimeji mushroom”, “enokitake mushroom” (long thin white mushroom).
It is a mellow miso soup which combines rice-miso and a little sweet barley miso. finished rich flavor with a sesame seed.
※Place the contents in your bowl, then pour boiled water 160㎖ and stir and eat it.

8. Fox and Autumn Fruit greeting card (1 item)
It is a postcard of Japanese-like illustration of washi texture.

9. Ringo Otome Apple Cookies from Nagano (2p)
Ringo Otome is a thin cookie made of apples mixed in with flouran d eggs, then topped with sliced apple. The International Taste & Quality Institute has awarded Ringo Otome with 3-star Superior Taste Award for 9 consecutive years.

Number of items: 10.



1. Yamaguchi confectionery chestnut cookies (1P)
It’s nostalgic, sweet and slightly hard, if you eat one, you will not stop eating.
If you Immersing it in milk, tea or coffee etc, the mellowness of the chestnut crackers will be spread even more.

2. Obuse chestnut “rakugan”(4P/1pack)
It is a hard dainty sweet. It is made of bean and suger with chestnut flour.

3. Hitokuchi Yokan “Kuri” chestnut flavor (2P/1pack)
“Yokan” is a traditional Japanese jellied dessert made of red bean, agar and sugar.

4. Mangan-do Imokin(With Chestnut chips) (2P)
Add chestnut chips to sweet potato paste and finish it with smooth mouthfeel.
Please feel authentic Traditional taste of Asakusa, Tokyo.
It is made from sweet potato past, and it is added chestnut chips.

5. Nanbu Senbei “Pumpkin seed”(2P)
“Nanbu senbei” is a traditional cookie in Iwate pref. This cookie was kneaded pumpkin powder in thick cookie dough.
It is decorated with pumpkin seeds.

6. Kaki no Tane rice cracker (2p)
“Kaki no Tane” is a very famous Niigata prefecture is souvenir. This item is made by the famous “Naniwa shop” . It is a masterpiece by Echigo (Old Niigata).
It is a small rice cracker in the form of a persimmon seed. It is seasoned with a red pepper, so it is a little spicy.

7. Imo Kenpi (Dried sweet potato with sugar) (2p)
Dried sweet potato with sugar

8. UHA Mikakuto “Kororo” grape flavor gummy (1p)
New texture gummy candy

9. “kinoko no Manma” Dried shiitake mushrooms with Soy sauce flavor.(1p)

10. Nomu Ringo (Apple juice) (1p)
This Apple juice is used apples harvested in Akita Pref. Food additives not used.

11.Autumn pattern sticker (1p)

Number of items: 19.