July 2019: Tanabata The “star festival” Box

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In Japan, July 7 night hold “Tanabata” (the star festival) every year.
“Tanabata” is one of the Japanese events that have been made since ancient times.
Around “Tanabata” season, we hang the colorful strips and decoration which wrote a one’s wish to a bamboo leaf.
It is also now the beautiful habit of praying to the star.

Well, in Japan, there is a Tanabata legend known as the story of love. We will introduce the story easily.

They are a married couple and a very good relationship. They were “Orihime” (Star Vega) and “Hikoboshi” (Star Altair).
But, they got scolded by God, and receive the punishment.
The Milky Way separated lovers.
But, only in the night of “Tanabata”, they can meet again by crossing the bridge of magpie and/or Swan (Cygnus / Star Deneb).
It is a “Tanabata” legend.
This legend from the situation which the two stars (Star Vega and Stars Altair) shining across the Milky Way, it became a legend.

In this July 2019 edition, you can enjoy the “Tanabata” with the “Tanabata” themed lifestyle items.
You’ll find the Japanese a little seasonal tradition in this box!

The Lifestyle Box

1. Mino-Yaki Hemp leaf pattern ceramic “Yunomi” teacup set (2item/1set)
“Hemp leaf ” is Japanese traditional design.
Let’s celebrate the eternal love of “Orihime” and “Hikoboshi” with this cute matching cup!
And you can enjoy the tea time with lovers, too.
※Originated from Gifu Prefecture, Mino-yaki (Mino ware) is Japan’s most popular pottery. Its history is said to date back to 1300 years ago.

2. Small ceramic plate (star-shaped) (1 item)
It is a white star-shaped small plate.
this plate is easy to use for a dessert or sweets plate. Or for your accessories…

3. Swan-shaped can opener (1 item)
This can opener which shaped the Cygnus of the Milky Way.
The sharpness is outstanding! The beak is a bottle opener.
It is also cute through the ribbon into the wings.

4. Stars pattern chopstick (1 item)
These chopsticks have an image of the summer starry sky.
When you use this chopstick, you can always feel the “Amanogawa” (Milky Way).

5. Tanabata Postcard (1 item)
The postcard depicts a bamboo tree, decorated with “Tanzaku” and other Tanabata ornaments.
Frame it up or send it to your loved ones!

6. Tanabata pattern Furoshiki (1 item)
Illustrated on furoshiki are one of the most popular scenes of “Tanabata” legend.
Furoshiki is a traditional type of wrapped cloth in Japan.
It can be used to wrap gifts, clothes and actually just about anything!

7. Mino-Washi letter set (1 item)
This is the letter set using paper “Washi” made by Japanese traditional recipe.
It is hand size letter paper. It is a very beautiful item with a great star night.

8. Tanabata decoration “shooting star” (1 item)
It is an item for decorating a bamboo leaf at the time of Tanabata.
It stands out even from glitter and far!
We will deliver the atmosphere of Tanabata to you.

9. Star-shaped tart cookies (2p)
This is tart cookies shaped of the star.

The number of items: 11.



1. Tanabata mixed nuts(1item)
It is a combination of two flavors of “cashew nut flavored with framboise” and “peanuts flavored with black pepper”.
It is a popular bean sweet.


2. Mini Mint tablet constellation package (1 item)
Romantic constellation package design.
Mint is fashionable and popular. Can you find your constellation?

3. Hoshi Tabeyo rice crackers (1 item)
This is Star shaped rice crackers with a bit of salty taste.
No used chemical seasoning, coloring, and flavoring!

4. “GINBIS” Shimi choco corn stick (2items)
Chocolate snacks you can eat without getting dirty your hand.
Containing calcium and dietary fiber!
This is a snack which let chocolate dip into a puff by a unique method.

5. Ohoshi-sama jelly “Annin” Taste (1 item)
This is the mixed dessert with fruit, jelly, “Annin” (Apricot kernel) and taste syrup.
It contains red star jelly, “Annin” (Apricot kernel) taste rhombus jelly, and orange and pineapple.

6. Colorful Star shaped candy (5 items)
A rainbow-colored star-shaped candy.
Grape/lemon/cider taste.

7. Niigata Prefecture Limited “Country Maam” (Sasa Dango taste)(2 items)
“Sasa dango” is a rice cake with “Anko”(sweet bean jam). it is wrapped by a bamboo leaf.
It is a rice cake with a delicious bamboo flavor.
These sweets are reproducing it.

8. Calbee salty corn flavor “Toumoriko” (1 item)
As we use whole corn (super sweet corn), we can enjoy the sweetness of true corn carefully well.


9. “Tanabata” message card (1 item)
It is a small message card of “Tanabata”.
When you use it for memos or letters, you will feel the culture of Japan’s Tanabata.

10. Nanbu Senbei “bamboo charcoal” (2p)
“Nanbu Senbei” is a traditional cookie in Iwate Pref.
This cookie was kneaded bamboo charcoal powder in thick cookies dough.
This is healthy and very delicious cookies.

11. Colorful Ramne (1P)
This is a star-shaped colorful ramne in the cute little bottle.

The number of items: 18.