September 2019: Otsukimi “The harvest moon” Box

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Japanese people look forward to the moon of “Otsukimi” (Viewing the moon).
The “Otsukimi” is an event to admire the moon on August 15 of the Lunar calendar (This year’s full moon is September 13).
The moon of this day is called “tchuu-shuu-no-meigetsu” (harvest moon), “jyuu-goya” (full moon night). and so on.
This day, we have a traditional culture of decoration by the “susuki” (pampas) and “tsukimi-dango” (dumpling for moon).

By the way, the Japanese believe that there is a rabbit on the moon.
The reason why there is a rabbit on the moon comes from the Buddhist narrative. This story is still handed down to Japanese people.
“The rabbit went to search for food for a hungry old man (God).
But nothing was found, the rabbit jumped himself into the fire to offer as food.
The rabbit’s feeling of self-sacrifice impressed the old man. And the legend says that God drove the rabbit to the moon as a sublime.”

The rabbit is a symbol of good luck, presenting prosperity.
We hope that these items will be able to deliver the Japanese tradition of moon appreciation as well as bring you luck and happiness.


The Lifestyle Box


1.”Yume-Usagi” (Dream Rabbit) Ricebowl (1 item)
This rice bowl is drawn a moon and cute rabbits.
Is the atmosphere of a rabbit playing on a moonlit night so wonderful?


2. Wood-tone “Shiruwan” soup bowl (1 item)
A wood-tone bowl with a hare pattern.

3. Lacquered “Otsukimi” Tray (1 item)
It is perfect for carrying tea and tea cakes at “Otsukimi”.
Of course, it’s great to use every day!

4. Tsuki usagi (moon and rabbit) small plate (1 item)
This small cute plate is easy to use in various scenes regardless of the season.

5. Paper soap (1 item)
The creamy foam has a gentle scent, so it’s refreshing after washing.
A paper soap that dissolves in water scrubs and cleans your skin.Useful mobile paper soap on the go.

6. “Moon and Rabbit” pattern towel (1 item)
Easy-to-use towel with moon and rabbit pattern.
This towel was produced by Senshu (Osaka), the birthplace of Japanese towels.
The moon and rabbit pattern is said to bring luck.

7. Super Moon “Rabbit” Sticky note (1 item)
In Japan, the shadow pattern of the moon looks like an “A rabbit doing Mochi-Tsuki”.
(“Mochi-Tsuki” (pounding the mochi from the boiled rice) is Japan’s unique production method of mochi.).
This sticky note looks like a rabbit with the shadow of the moon.

8.”Otsukimi” postcard (1 item)
A cute postcard that deforms the Japanese word “お⽉⾒” (Otsukimi).

9. Month color bouquet Letter Set (1 item)
This letter paper with flowers drawn that looks like a full moon color.
Why not gift your feelings in the bouquet letter paper?

10. Ogura Meigetsu (light salt and sweet soy sauce) (each 1p)
A special rice cracker with the theme of “full moon”.There are two flavors.
This fried rice cracker that imitates the lightly dim moon (light salt taste) and the brilliant full moon (sweet soy sauce taste).

The number of items: 11.



1. Rabbit motif candy (1p)
It is made in the traditional Kyoto candy workshop.
A milk-flavored candy with a cute rabbit motif.

2. Rabbit chocolate ball (6P)
Two delicious chocolate balls are in the individual wrapping of a cute rabbit printed.
(The contents are the same even if the rabbit prints are different)

3. The moon small stone chocolate (3P)
It looks like a small stone of the moon, but it is mysterious chocolate that is delicious when eaten.

4. “Mangetu-pon” cracker (3p)
It is crispy texture, sweet and salty soy sauce taste.
It is a very nostalgic snack.

5. “Konpeito” Sugar candy (1P)
“Konpeito” is sugar candy wrapped in a cute cloth bag.
You will get one of the two colors in your box.

6. “Senjyu-senbei” Waffle cookie (2P)
This is a wavy-shaped cookie that sugar cream sandwich on waffle crackers.

7. “Ebi-mangetsu” cracker (1P)
This cracker was made from shrimp and the potato starch dough and baked with rapeseed oil. It’s crispy and light taste.

8. Teika no Tsuki (Teika’s Moon) Rice Cracker (3p)
Japanese traditional sugar “Wasanbon sugar” is topping to rice crackers seasoned with mineral-rich salt to create a sweet and salty taste.
Please enjoy the elegant sweetness of Wasan Bon, which is relieved when you are tired.

9. Osatsu-doki (1P)
Light taste snacks with plenty of natural sweet potato’s sweetness.
You can deliciously replenish dietary fiber!
In “jyu-go-ya” night, some area has a custom of offering sweet potatoes.

10.Hitokuchi Imo Yokan (1p)
A sugar-free yokan made with 100% “Naruto-Kintoki” sweet potato from Tokushima Pref.
The rich flavor and refreshing sweetness of sweet potatoes are delicious. The smooth taste and eating size.

11. “Odango” gummy candy (1P)
Isn’t this similar to the rice dumplings offered at “Otsukimi”?
This Gummy candy is a “kinako” flavor.

12. Beautiful “Usagi” clear file (1item)
Elegant and beautiful rabbit pattern clear file.
Ideal for storing small letters or documents!

The number of items: 24