April 2020 : Haru no hana “The spring flowers” Box

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This month’s theme is “Haru no hana” (The spring flowers).

When you heard “spring flowers”, what do you imagine?

In Japan, many people think of cherry blossoms.
Of course, cherry blossoms are one of Japan’s representative flowers.
However, it goes without saying that many flowers bloom in the spring.
Various flowers bloom in the fields or flower garden, It signals the end of winter and makes a new spring feel.

Well, Japanese people feel a very new mood in April.
Because of the new years of Japan’s almost school and many companies begin in April.
So, we hold the entrance ceremony and the company’s initiation ceremony in April.

The current students go up one school year, the company welcomes new staff, and various new life starts.
On the morning of April in Japan, you will be felt with a fresh atmosphere, such as a child carrying a new school bag, or a working person with a new suit.

That’s why April is a special month for Japan.
This April, it’s our pleasure to deliver the “Haru no Hana”, of Japan to you.
You are going to discover a wide range of Spring flowers-themed homeware, stationery, and snacks, which will invite you instantly to Japan’s springtime.

The Lifestyle Box

1. Mino-yaki “Na no hana” (Rape blossoms) ceramic plate (1item)
This plate motif is one of the representative flowers of spring, “rape blossom”. Bring spring to your table.

2. Mino-yaki Small plate of blue flowers (1 item)
It is a small plate of beautiful blue flowers like “Nemophila”.
You can use it variously depending on your idea.

3. Mino-yaki Hexagonal small flower vase (1 item)
It is a deep blue hexagonal Flower vase!
Ideal for decorating small flowers blooming in spring.

Originated from Gifu Prefecture, Mino-yaki (Mino ware) is Japan’s most popular pottery.
Its history is said to date back to 1300 years ago.

4. Cherry blossom toothbrush (1item)
Happy all day thanks by the “Sakura” designed cute toothbrush!
This toothbrush with a cap, you can carry around hygienically.

5. Natural Bath Powder (Honey & Astragalus Incense) (1item)
A natural bath powder made from baking soda and rice bran oil that is gentle on the skin.

6. Margaret print towel (pink or yellow) (each 1item)
Margaret print towel (pink or yellow) (1 item) You will get either a pink or yellow towel.
100% cotton. A thin towel that dries easily. Made in Japan.

7. Mitsubishi ballpoint pen “Jet stream” (1 item)
Addictive, smooth writing taste. It looks like a spring flower. * Ink color: Black

8. Postcard book (1 item)
An ideal postcard for seasonal greetings. It is a postcard book that can be used one by one. 5 pieces each for 2 patterns (10 pieces).

9. Spring shaped rice cracker (1P)
Seasonal assorted small rice crackers as the form of spring motifs.
It used “Miyakogane Mochi”, rice from Miyagi Pref.

10. Flower’s kiss candy (8P)
Plum candy with plum flavor You will be happy just looking at the package with various flower drawings.

11. Diatomaceous earth tablet “flower” (1P)
This block that absorbs moisture just by putting it in a container such as salt. Recommended for coffee bean.

Number of items: 18.



1. “Randoseru” (School bag) shaped drawstring Bag (1 P)
“Randoseru” (School bag) is a kind of school bag used in many elementary schools in Japan.
Elementary school students in Japan go to school by putting teaching materials and other materials into the school bag.
It is a very common school bag in Japan.

2. “Sugar butter tree” strawberry chocolate (1 P)
“Sugar Butter Tree”, it sandwiched milk cream between crispy sugar butter dough.
These seasonal limited sweets are coated “Sugar Butter Tree” with sweet and sour strawberry chocolate.

3. Violet chocolate (4 P)
It is cute chocolate imaged by violet flowers.
It will deliver spring to you.

4. Rice crackers (Japanese seasonal flower package) (7 P)
A bite-sized delicious rice cracker.
This rice cracker’s package that depicts the flowers that bloom in twenty-four season in the Japanese lunar calendar is wonderful.

5. Petite Gofuru Strawberry flavor (1P)
This Petite gofuru use by “Nou-hime Ichigo” strawberry.
Limited Spring sweets that make you feel the coming of spring.

6. Calbee “Haru-Potato” Potato Chips (1P)
These potato chips made from Hokkaido-produced potatoes in spring.
It is a sour cream flavor with a refreshingly sour taste.
It is a mild flavor that is perfect for spring.

7. Flower-shaped biscuit (1P)
We put rice flour biscuit dough with sesame in the skin of the plum-shaped “Monaka” and baked it. It is New texture.

8. Honey flavor “Karinto” (1p)
It is using plenty of honey, finished in a gentle sweet and timeless.
It uses 100% Haruyutaka wheat made in Hokkaido.

9. “Sakuma Seika” Strawberry candy (1P)
The strawberry is freeze-dried and condensed to increase the taste and aroma, expressing the original beauty of the strawberry.

10. Salad Hope rice cracker “Shrimp and Salt Flavor” (1P)
This snack is a long and narrow rice cracker.
A light salty and shrimp taste and a crispy taste will pull you behind, and it won’t stop when you start eating it!

11. Arare crunch chocolate (3P)
The crushed rice crackers were mixed withstrawberry chocolate.
It’s a good taste you can’t imagine.

Number of items: 22.