March 2018: The Hinamatsuri Box

Every year on March 3rd, Japan celebrates Hinamatsuri or the Doll Festival. This is a special occasion set aside to pray for the growth and happiness of young girls.

Families honor this day with a doll display and special dishes. Most families with daughters display a set of hina ningyo, or special dolls for Hinamatsuri, along with delicate peach blossoms. Special dishes for the festival include Hishimochi (diamond-shaped rice cakes), Chirashi-zushi (scattered sushi), Sakura-mochi (bean paste-filled rice cakes with cherry leaves), Hina-arare (rice cake cubes) and Shirozake (sweet white sake).

The Lifestyle Box

1. Seto-yaki Ceramic Hina Ningyo Display Set (1 item)
Hina Ningyo are special dolls that represent the Heian Period (794-1185) Imperial Court.


2. Hinamatsuri Furoshiki (1 item)
The furoshiki portrays the scene of a royal wedding ceremony in the Heian Period on which festive displays are based.

3. Hinamatsuri Greeting Card (1 item)

4. Hina Arare Crackers (1 item)
This is one of the traditional snack, and indispensable in the celebration of Hinamatsuri.

5. Mino-yaki Ceramic Sakura Plate (1 item)
On two sides of the court, a mandarin orange tree and a cherry tree are planted. These two trees are chosen as they are thougt to ward off evil spirits. We hope you’ll love having this small Sakura(cherry blossom) plate in your kitchen!

6. Sakura Paper Stickers (1 item)

Number of items: 6




1. Hinamaturi Shrimp Crackers (1p)
On the rice cracker and the packet, a simple version of Hina Ningyo Display set is printed.  That consists of a male Odairisama (representing the Emperor) and female Ohinasama (representing the Empress) dolls, lamps and peach blossoms.

2. Odairisama & Ohinasama Doll Rice Crackers (5p)
Two flavors available: Shoyu – Soy Sauce (Red Doll) and Salad (Blue Doll).

3. Hina Ningyo Ramune Candy (3p)
Inside each Hina Ningyo printed packet are 2 pieces of peach flavored ramune candy.

4. Hina Arare Crackers (1p)

5. Ohinamochi (1p)
The 3 flavors – White Peach, Strawberry & Green Apple represent White, Pink and Green which are the 3 colors of Hishimochi.

6. Sanrio Characters Chocolate Hina Arare Crackers (1p)
On the packet are some of the most popular Sanrio characters is drawn such as Hello Kitty and My Melody. The characters are dressed in Imperial Court Costumes of the Heian Period, just like Hina Ningyo.

7. Tohato Caramel Corn – Hinamatsuri Special Edition (1p)
The packaging is inspired by the costume of Hina Ningyo as well as other festive ornaments. This packaging is only released in a one-month period to celebrate Hinamatsuri.

8.  Poteko Potaro Rings – Hinamatsuri Special Edition Sakura Shrimp Flavor(3p)

9. Hinamatsuri Greeing Card (1 item)

Number of items: 17