June 2018: The Tsuyu Box

Tsuyu season, we can see frogs and snails (in Japanese “Katatsumuri”), and hydrangea (in Japanese “Ajisai”) in various place. The sight is very beautiful and it is also representative one of the Japanese appearance. And, rain is a precious source of our life for Japan where agriculture is popular. Therefore, Tsuyu is the indispensable season for Japan.
This June Box, we prepared many Japanese items that will make you enjoy the rainy day.These beautiful sweets and delicious snacks will make your rainy day happy!

The Lifestyle Box

1. Mino-Yaki Ajisai Ceramic Rice Bowl (1 item)
This beautiful bowl is drawn a pattern of hydrangea. This bowl will definitely color your table even on rainy days!
Dishwasher safe.

2. Frog Synthetic Resin Soup Bowl (1 item)
It is soup bowl which is drawn a very cute frog motif. It may be nice to serve various dishes in this bowl and take a cute photo!
Handwash only.

3. Frog Wooden Fork (1 item)
The fork is a perfect complement to the Frog Soup Bowl!
Handwash only.

4. Ame Pattern Tenugui (1 item)
This Tenugui is drawn a Japanese-style umbrella and rain boots. In Japan, when going out on a rainy day we wear rain-boots and have umbrella so as not to get wet. How are you doing in your country?

5. Frog Eraser (1 item)
It is an eraser in the shape of a cute frog.
Please put in your pen case and go out together even if it is not a rainy day!

6. Hydrangea & Ladybugs Postcard (1 item)
This postcard is drawn hydrangea and an personify ladybugs. It is a very Japanese-like illust’s postcard.

7. Enoshima Glass Craft Ornament “Katatsumuri” (1 item)
It is Katatsumuri ornament made of famous glass craft on the island called Enoshima in Kanagawa prefecture. Either red, blue or yellow will arrive at you. It is very fragile.

8. Ajisai Paper Sticker (1 item)
It is Japanese sticker of “Ajisai”!

9. Fujiya Parasol Chocolate (2p)
There are chocolates shaped umbrellas. Your box contains two kinds, milk chocolate and strawberry taste.

Number of items: 10


1. Wasanbon “Shoka No Shirabe (Melody Of Early Summer)” (1p)
“Wasanbon” is the refined sugar that is made in micro particles sugar by the unique manufacturing and traditional method in Shikoku region in Japan.

2. Ajisai Shrimp Cracker (1p)
These are perfect crackers for Tsuyu which Ajisai and Katatsumuri are drawn.

3. Ajisai Konpeito Suger Candy (1p)
It is Konpeito Suger Candy packaged in the shape of Ajisai flower. You can get either purple or blue color.

4. Kaeru Lolipop (3p)
This is a lolipop designed cute frog! It is melon flavor.

5. Ajisai Almond Cookie (2p)
On this cookie, Ajisai designed by almond’s slice.

6. Fujiya Parasol Chocolate (2p)
There are chocolates shaped umbrellas. Your box contains two kinds,milk chocolate and strawberry taste.

7. Kyabetsu Tarou (2p)
It is a source-flavored snack. The character of this is the flog!

8. Ajisai Message Card (1 item)

Number of items: 12