July 2018: The Umi No Hi Box

For Japan, the ocean country, the sea is an indispensable element. So, the third Sunday of July every year in Japan is enacted as a holiday called “Umi No Hi” (the marine day). This holiday was enacted in order to value the ocean and to think that it is more familiar. Indeed, there are many people who enjoy sea bathing or fishing in the sea. And we enjoy the barbecue and music festival etc. on the beach in Japan. In recent years, there are also a lot of people who refine marine sports, and sports events and so on are held very often at the beach.
July’s Kizuna Box was delivered a vibrant Japanese sea to Umi No Hi!

The Lifestyle Box

1. Mino-Yaki Marine Pattern Ceramic Plate (1 item)
It is a summer-like plate where fish and shellfish are drawn.
Dishwasher safe

2. Mino-Yaki Seigaiha Ceramic Bowl (1 item)
“Seigaiha” is a pattern transmitted from old in Japan. It is an auspicious pattern praying with infinitely spread waves that peaceful lives of people and
wishes for eternal happiness. Handwash only.

3. Fish Spoon (1 item)
It is a cute fish-shaped spoon. Using with Seigaiha Bowl, fish may seem to swim in the sea!
Dishwasher safe.

4. In-the-sea Pattern Furoshiki (1 item)
This is Furoshiki which seems to be swimming a lot of sea creatures including whales, sharks, penguins and sea turtles. When wrapping things, the pattern looks three-dimensional and you can enjoy even more!

5. Hoshi No Suna (Star Sand) (1 item)
It is a star-shaped sand which can be collected in Okinawa Prefecture. It is said that you can calm your mind and bring things to success if you have it.

6. Seigaiha & Whale Toothpick Case (1 item)
After using up the toothpick in it, this case can be used as an accessory case!

7. Mino-Washi Letter Set (1 item)
It is a letter set using paper “Washi” made by Japanese traditional recipe. In addition, this letter paper’s ruled lines are illustrations of a penguin play in the sea, it is the very cute item with a great sense of humor.

8.Marine Paper Sticker (1 item)

9. Watercolor-Painting Summer Post Card (2 item)
These are summer sea postcards drawn in Japanese-like watercolor paintings.

10. Ebi-hime Shrimp Cracker (1p)

Number of items: 11


1. Morinaga Ottotto (1p)
It is a cracker formed sea creatures. Please eat while thinking what shape of crackers you are eating!

2. Karakara Senbei (2p)
This is Japanese fortune cookie “Karakara Senbei”. After cracking the cookie, ornament (jellyfish, fish or seashells etc. ) will be come out. Among them, seashells are using the real thing! When eating, please be careful not to bite ornaments.

3. Shell Madeleine (2p)
Two of four flavors (normal, orange, peach and mango) are in your box.

4. Soda-flavored Beans (1p)
It is the peanut flavored with soda. With a refreshing appearance reminiscent of the sea, it makes you feel cool!

5. Aquarium Gummy (1p)
15 kinds of screatures’ form gummy candies.

6. Aquarium Chocolate Biscuit (1p)
Biscuit with chocolate flavor.

7. Penguin cookie (2p)
Crispy cookies. A cute penguin illustration is drawn.

8. Dried Squid(5p)
A snack that has become a size where dried squid is easy to eat.

9. Watermelon Candy (5p)
On the beach, we play watermelon splitting!

10. Ebi-hime Shrimp Cracker (1p)
Small rice crackers with shrimp taste

11. Pukupuku Tai (1p)
This is Snapper-shaped waffer chocolate.

12. Ika Tarou (1p)
It is a appetizer made by fish-paste and squid pickled in vinegar.

13. Whale Flake Stickers (1p)
It is a very cute Japanese style stickers of whales!

Number of items: 24.