January 2020: Fuyu “The Winter season” Box

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The theme of this January box is “Fuyu” (the winter season).
A full-fledged winter has wrapped Japan.
What do you imagine when you hear “Winter”? For example, winter sports? “Nabe” cuisine? fashion? etc.

Much Japanese think of “Nabe” cuisine in the winter image!
Japanese “Nabe” cuisine is very easy to make. It is healthy food and Body warms.
“Nabe” cuisine is stew put into what you like, such as winter vegetables and meat or fish.
“Nabe” cuisine called “Mizu-taki” is just boiled in hot water.
How to eat “Mizu-taki”: You boil winter vegetables and meat or fish in hot water from “Konbu-dashi” (Kelp soup stock).
And eat vegetables boiled in hot water with your favorite sauce (ponzu, soy sauce, soy sauce with sesame paste, etc.).
It’s so simple, but it is the most popular cuisine.
It is very delicious and is one of the winter fun.

In this month’s box, we prepare a lot of Japanese Winter season items. Because there are beautiful potteries and colorful cloths,
let’s experience the Japanese beautiful winter!

The Lifestyle Box

1. Arita-yaki “Ume” (plum Blossom) Ceramic plate (1 item)
This plate will be coloring your table with beautiful colors of white snow and red flowers.

Originated from Arita region in Saga Prefecture, Arita-yaki (Arita ware) is one of Japanese popular pottery.
Its history is said to date back to 400 years ago.

2. Seto-yaki ”Fugu” (blowfish) motif “Tonsui” bowl (1 item)
3. “Renge” spoon (1 item)
“Tonsui” bowl and “Renge” spoon are often used as a set mainly when eating “Nabe” (hot pot dishes).
“Tonsui” bowl’s edge features a slight protrusion.
If you hold your finger on this edge, it will be stable and you can have less heat feeling.

4. “Kairo” Disposable heat pack (3P)
It is disposable “Kairo”.
Maximum operating temperature 65℃, average temperature 51 ° C, duration 20 hours.
It is a “Kairo” with a validity period of 5 years.
The expiration date 5 years is the first product as a general warmer for warmers.

5. Post Card “Winter mustela erminea” (1 item)
This cute post card has been drawn white mustela erminea of winter scenery.

6. “Imabari” towel milk tea color (1 item)
This towel is made in Shikoku “Imabari” of the famous towel production areas.
It is safe and high-quality towels.
Hot milk tea is the best of the winter day! This towel image Hot milk tea.

7. Winter motif Mino-Washi Letter set (1 item)
It is the letter set using paper “Washi” made by Japanese traditional recipe. It is a handy size paper letter,
so you can write letters like tweets feeling.

8. “Sake-Zosui” (Salmon porridge) (1p)
“Sake-Zosui” (Salmon porridge) is an instant dish of Japan that contains rice with grilled salmon and fish soup.

9. Menterm Medicated Lip Balm (1p)
This is a popular product of a long seller. It is the most common medicinal lip balm in Japan.
Protects the lips from strong sunlight and cold winds, and prevents it from drying out.

10. “Isehan” Kiss Me Medicinal Hand Cream / Quasi-drug (1P)
This Hand Cream is famous in Japan.
In the winter of Japan, the air is very dry.
A medicated hand cream containing vitamin E, camphor and glycerin.
Moisture veil keeps your skin moisturized and keeps it moisturizing for more than 6 hours.
The moment you apply it will be sticky, but after a while, it will be moist.

The number of items: 12.



1. Meiji Melty Kiss Premium chocolate (1P)
You can eat Melty Kiss’s luxury chocolate only winter season.
It features a creamy taste of fresh cream from Hokkaido.

2. Milky soft candy Amaou strawberry flavor (1P)
oft milky is made from strawberry “Amaou” and Hokkaido cream.
Enjoy the rich, sweet and sour taste. it is a time-limited milky soft candy perfect for winter.

3. Snowman chocolate ball (6P)
Two delicious chocolate balls are in the individual wrapping of a cute snowman printed.
(The contents are the same even if the snowman prints are different)

4. Snowman White chocolate (1P)
This chocolate from “Ishiya Seika”, a famous candy store in Hokkaido.
It is chocolate for a winter limited time.

5. “Gateau festa-harada” chocolate Rusk (2p)
The crispy rusk was coated with white chocolate.
Limited to the winter season.

6. “Yuki-shigure (1p)
A special bean confection for winter only.
It is a simple sweet candy made of fragrant peanuts and multiple layers of molasses.

7. Kanro Health Throat candy “Mikan flavor” (1p)
In the winter of Japan, the air is very dried.
In Japan, we eat a lot of “Mikan”(Satsuma mandarin) in winter.
“Mikan”(Satsuma mandarin) will moisten your throat.

8. Imuraya “Oshiruko” (1p)
“Oshiruko” is sweet red beans paste’s soup.
This is a warm soup that can enjoy the richness and flavor of red beans.

9. Potato chips “Kiritanpo nabe” flavor (1p)
“Kiritanpo Nabe” is one of Akita’s representative local hot pot cuisine.
This Potato chip is a limited-time product that reproduces the taste of soy sauce-based “Kiritanpo Nabe” with the flavor of burdock!

10. Rice crackers with winter package (1p)
This is an assortment of Rice crackers. Japanese winter Garden landscape packages.

11. Konjac jelly pear taste (1p)
Limited to winter!! Pear jelly with plenty of Konjac juice.
It is safe to type of pouch jelly to eat extruded.
・Hold the part marked with ★ firmly with both hands and slowly cut along the dotted line.
・Do not inhale, push out several times and chew well.

12. Snowball pattern cotton towe (1 item)
This towel is made in Shikoku “Imabari” of the famous towel production areas. It is safe and high-quality towels.
This towel image Snowball.

The number of items: 18.