August 2019: Natsu to Fuji-san “The Summer & Mt. Fuji” Box

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True summer has come to Japan!
In recent summer, it is extremely hot, and some areas in Japan record temperatures above 40 ℃.

However, Japan’s summer is not only hot! There are a lot of really great things.
Many festivals are held in Japan in August.

For example, “Fireworks display event” and “Bon Odori” (Bon festival traditional dance).
Large to small festivals are held all over Japan.
There is also a fireworks display competition, and we can watch the best skill by the pyrotechnician.
“Bon Odori” (Bon festival traditional dance) is one of the traditional Japanese festivals in Japan.
“Bon Odori” (Bon Traditional Dance) is believed to dance with ancestors because The “Bon festival period” is believed that ancestors come home.
And now, we dance “Bon festival traditional dance” regardless of age or sex. It is very nostalgic.

Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. It is 3776 meter!
We can climb the Mt. Fuji only in summer. Many people climb to the top of Mt. Fuji.

In this August 2019 edition, you can enjoy the “Natsu to Fuji-san” with the “Summer and Mt. Fuji” themed lifestyle items.
You’ll find the Japanese a little seasonal nostalgic, exciting and tradition Japanese summer in this box!


The Lifestyle Box

1. “Mino-yaki “Deep-sea blue small bowl (1 item)
This is an authentic professional small bowl used in restaurants and inn.

2. “Mino-yaki” Indigo goldfish pattern small bowl (1 item)
Nostalgia is felt in the design of the goldfish that swims in the water.
You can use for both everyday use and visitors use, all year round.

Originated from Gifu Prefecture, Mino-yaki (Mino ware) is Japan’s most popular pottery.
Its history is said to date back to 1300 years ago

3. “Nanbu furin” (Nanbu wind bell) (1 item)
This “Furin” (wind bell) is made of Iwate Prefecture’s traditional craft “Nanbu Tekki” (Ironware).
This “Furin” is different from glass “Furin” and is characterized by its high clear sound.
The sound of the “Nanbu Furin”, which is decorated every year from June to August, at JR Mizusawa Station (Iwate Prefecture Oshu city), has been selected by the Ministry of the Environment as one of the “100 favorite Japanese sounds to leave.

4. Aroma Mosquito Coils “Asagao” (Morning Glory flavor) (1 item)
It is an aromatic mosquito coil with a soft and elegant scent.

5. Fireworks pattern cotton handkerchief (1 item)
It is nostalgic and retro patterned “Tenugui” (Japanese style handkerchief).
“Tenugui” can be used in various ways depending on the idea. It is made from 100% cotton in Japan.

6. Mino-yaki Mt. Fuji shaped Chopstick rest (1 item)
This chopstick rest with the image of Mt. Fuji in summer.
You can decorate the fresh Mt. Fuji at your dining table.

7. “Uchiwa” (Hand fan) shaped card (1 item)
“Uchiwa” (hand fan) shaped nostalgic summer pattern card, it is perfect for summer greeting cards.
You can also put this “Uchiwa” in the attached envelope and send it by mail.

8. Mt. Fuji notebook (1 item)
A5 size notebook with a cute design on which Mt. Fuji is drawn.
As the cover is coated, it is a notebook that is hard to get dirty.
This is an easy size to carry.

9. “Origami” Summer card (2 items)
Do you know Japan’s “Omamori” (amulet)?
This Summer card can be made into an original amulet simply by folding it along the dotted lines.

10. Mt. Fuji shaped crunchy chocolate (2p)
This is crunchy chocolate shaped of Mt. Fuji. Very popular souvenir of Mt. Fuji.

The number of items: 12.



1. Kingyo Nebuta Yokan (1P)
This “Yokan” made to imitate the “Kingyo (goldfish) Nebuta” at the “Aomori Nebuta Matsuri” Festival.
It is mixed the apple (the famous fruit of Aomori) paste into “An-ko” (sweet beans jam).

2. Calbee “Natsu-Potato” Potato chips (1P)
It is characterized by natural taste using sea salt made in Tsushima, Nagasaki Prefecture.
Crispy salty taste and the flavors of the new potatoes will spread.

3. Rice cracker (1P)
Seasonal assorted small rice crackers as the form of summer moon night motifs.

4. Imura-ya “Mizu yokan” matcha Taste (1P)
It is “Matcha” taste “Mizu yokan” (sweet beans jam jelly).
We recommended chilled it before eating.
※ Please be careful not to hurt your hand at the cut when opening the can.

5. “Watermelon Jelly” at Kanazawa Sand Dunes (1P)
Watermelon in Kanazawa is planted in sand dunes.
It made delicious watermelon into a bite-size jelly.

6. Goldfish scoop candy (1P)
It is a candy of the atmosphere of a goldfish scoop.

7. Natori shio neri ume (1P)
[Summer-limited] It is a salty plum soft candy that has a strong saltiness on the original sour taste of a plum.

8. Fuji-san Hororin chocolate (3p)
Mt. Fuji shaped cute chocolate cookies.
Three flavors of strawberry, matcha (green tea) and chocolate.

9. “Fuji-san club” cocoa cookies (3p)
It is coating with white chocolate on Mt. Fuji shaped cocoa cookies.

10. Almond mini pie (3p)
Almond-flavored mini pie with a light texture.
It is a popular souvenir of Mt.Fuji.

11. “Kinako bou” (2p)
It is Kinako (Dried soybean flour) soft candy Very popular “Dagashi” (cheap sweets).

12. “Meiji” Long Gummy candy (1p)
Can not believe it the long size of 126 cm!
Muscat and grape flavor gummy candy.

13. “Origami” Summer card (1 item)
Do you know Japan’s “Omamori” (amulet)?
This Summer Card can be made into an original amulet simply by folding it along the dotted lines.

14. Summer motif Masking tape (1 item)
This Masking tape is Japanese summer motifs. It will turn your stationery into a summer color.

The Number of items: 21.