March 2021 : “Sakura” (The Cherry Blossoms) Box

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This month’s theme is “Sakura” (the cherry blossoms).
In Japanese spring, “Sakura” trees will be started blossoming all at once.

As a flower symbolizing spring, “Sakura” is familiar to Japanese people, and
the majority of Japanese like “Sakura”. The most beautiful period of cherry blossoms is very short, which is compared to the fragility of life.

“Sakura” is one of the special flowers in Japan.
For example, the flowering of “Sakura” is used as the signal to start agriculture from the ancient days.
In Japan, it is said that the “god of the mountains” during the winter becomes the “god of the fields” and comes down to the village in the spring.
In the olden days, Japanese people recognized that when the “Sakura” flower bloomed, it was a sign that the “god of the field” had arrived. And “Sakura”, which blooms as a sign of that spring, has been handed down as an auspicious flower.

“Sakura-cha” (sakura tea), which is made by salting auspicious cherry
blossoms and adding hot water, is not only beautiful but also auspicious.
The custom of offering beautiful “Sakuracha” to celebrations such as engagement ceremonies and weddings still remains.
“Sakura” is a flower that is closely related to Japanese people, and it is not only appreciated but also incorporated into daily life.
For example, the shape of cherry blossoms is often used for kimono patterns and accessories, flowers and leaves are used for food, and bark is used for folk crafts.
The Lifestyle Box

1. Mino-yaki Mino lapis lazuli color Harusakura plate (1 item)
This plate has a beautiful pink “sakura” on a lapis lazuli background like the night sky.
Its design seems to the landscape of “Yozakura”. It is an easy-to-use size plate.

2. Mino-yaki Sakura ceramic “Yunomi” Teacup (1 item)
A beautiful Mino-yaki cup of sakura color cup.
Enjoy using this appealing “Yunomi” Teacup at your tea time.

Originated from Gifu Prefecture, Mino-yaki (Mino ware) is Japan’s most popular pottery.
Its history is said to date back to 1300 years ago

3. Salted “Sakura” tea (2P) 
It picked the “Sakura” flower in its best condition.
It is considered an auspicious drink as the opening petals in hot water represent your achievements and successes.

4. Sakura Saucer (1 item)
Saucer of synthetic lacquerware.
Please use it for drinking hot water or as a saucer for glasses.
It is ideal not only for everyday use but also for hospitality when visiting customers.

5. Sakura small bowl (1item)
It is a small bowl for snacks and desserts.
What will you serve in this small container?

6. Mino-yaki “Sakura” ceramic plate (1item)
This plate is studded with colorfully drawn shades of pink and white cherry blossoms.

7.Japanese Style Towel (Mejiro and Sakura) (1 item)
Popular gauze towel. Thin, light, and easy to use!
It will be fun to use with cute Sakura patterns.

8. “Sakura” pattern letter set (1 item)
It is a mini-sized letter set that includes a large, solid envelope and a letter card made of hard paper.
Why not send a photo or a letter to your friends during the Beautiful Spring?

9. “Hanami” flower viewing postcard (1item)
The atmosphere of enjoying “Hanami” (cherry blossom viewing) is expressed by cats.
Can you feel the atmosphere of “Hanami” in the Edo era?

10.”Hina arare” rice crackers(2p)
“Hina arare” is displayed with “hina dolls” in the “Hina matsuri”.
And at the festival time, we eat it.
These rice crackers bring a spring atmosphere.

The number of items: 12.