February 2021 : Risshun “Early Spring” Box

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The theme of this February box is “Risshun” (Early Spring).
What is “Risshun” of this month’s theme?
“Risshun” is the first of the twenty-four seasons in the Japanese lunar calendar.
The “Risshun” in 2021 is February 3rd.
Since 1985, “Risshun” has been February 4th, but the date will change for the first time in 37 years.

In modern Japan, according to the observations of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, “the day to which the moment when the solar ecliptic longitude reaches 315 degrees belongs” is the beginning of spring.
The moment of “Risshun” in 2021 is 23:59 on February 3rd. From next year, it will be continued on February 4th, but “Risshun” in 2025 will be February 3rd.

In the olden days, Japan thought that “a year starts from spring”, so “Risshun” was the beginning of spring, and it was the day when the year started.
Then, on the day before “Risshun”, an event called “Setsubun” will be held. This is an important event to get rid of last year’s bad luck.
By the way, there are many Japanese families who use the surname “Watanabe”. Some people with this “Watanabe” surname do not sow beans.
It is said that it originated from the story that “Watanabe no Tsuna”, a Samurai in the middle of the Heian era, cut off the demon’s arm. After that, the demons were afraid of the surname of “Watanabe” and kept away from “Watanabe” descendants. That is why it is said that the “Watanabe” surnames do not need to get rid of demons.
But bean-sowing is a fun event, so it is still held all over the country. Of course, many “Watanabe” surnames also participate.

This February Box, You’ll find the Japanese early spring in this box!
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The Lifestyle Box

1. Arita-yaki Plum Blossom Rice Bowl (each 1 item)
You will get either a red or blue Rice Bowl.
Plum blossoms are often used as a motif for “Risshun”.
This is a bowl with a plum blossom motif.
The size is not so deep and slightly small, so it just feels fit for women or children.

Originated from the Arita region in Saga Prefecture,
Arita-yaki (Arita ware) is one of Japanese popular pottery. Its history is said to date back to 400 years ago.

2. Japanese-style plate “Touri” (1 item) 
Pink color spring-like Japanese tableware. It is a size that is easy to fit in everyday life. The gentle pink colors make the table Japanese.

3. Wakasa painted chopsticks(1p)
The natural wood chopsticks lacquered by vermillion, it is painted to the motif of the gorgeousness.

4. Ceramic chopstick rest (1 item)
Cute chopstick rest with a motif of three-colored butterflies.
If you use it as a paperweight, it is wonderful.

5. “Hana Temari” Simple Plate (1 item)
This dish with a gentle flower pattern.
It looks like a dot when viewed from a distance, but when you look closely, a flower is designed. It’s a very cute plate.

6. Nara Kayakiji fabric cloth (1 item)
It is a towel made of mosquito nets fabric that takes advantage of the tradition of making mosquito nets in Nara. This design is “Tsubaki” (camellia).

7. “Ume-jintan” throat candy (1 item)
A slightly sour throat lozenge made from the special Kishu plum extract.
Contains 11 kinds of herbal extracts and vitamin C to moisturize your mouth and throat.

8.”Nejiri-Ume” motif Masking tape (1 item)
This Masking tape is The motif is the traditional Japanese pattern “Nejiri-Ume” (twisted plum).
It will turn your stationery into a Japanese color.

“Risshun” Landscape Post Card (2 items)
9. Dandelion in early spring
10. Hina dolls (representing the emperor and the empress)
This is a watercolor painting-style postcard. Please enjoy the scenery of “Risshun”.

Number of items: 10.