November 2017: The Momiji Box

The spectacular Koyo – Autumn Foliage is to the Japanese autumn what cherry blossoms are to spring. Among the many colorful autumn leaves, the most loved and representative ones belong to Momiji – Japanese maple. Koyo and Momoji are so tightly associated that the two words are written with the same Chinese characters 紅葉 (literally red leaves). As such, the Momoji’s vibrant crimson foliage is considered to be the most iconic symbol of Japan’s autumn. It has also always been a popular subject of Japanese art, poetry, and literature for thousands of years.

As the Momiji is undeniably significant to Japan’s culture and nature, we dedicated November’s Kizuna Box to it. In the Momiji Box, there were various homeware, cloth, stationery and snacks inspired by this splendid symbol of autumn.


1. Mino-yaki Momiji Ceramic Tea Cup/Tea Bowl (1 item)
Subscribers get either a Sencha Tea Cup (1) or an Ippuku Tea Bowl (2) in a box. Sencha Tea Cups are small cups that are perfect for small tea parties, get-togethers, or special occasions. Meanwhile, Ippuku Tea Bowls are used in Japanese matcha tea ceremonies. Both are of course perfect for daily use as well.

Originated from Gifu Prefecture, Mino-yaki (Mino ware) is Japan’s most popular pottery. Its history is said to date back to 1300 years ago.

2. Seto-yaki Momiji Ceramic Plate (1 item)
Two variations available: Pink and Green. The plate is shaped like a momiji leaf. It is ideal for sauces or small desserts, and can also be used as a tea bag coaster or a chopstick rest.

Seto-yaki (Seto ware) refers to a type of Japanese pottery produced in and around Seto (Aichi Prefecture), which was the location of one of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan. The Japanese term for ceramics from Seto (setomono) is used as a generic term for all pottery.

3. Momiji Chopsticks (1 pair)
The lacquered natural wood chopsticks come from a premium chopstick series with various designs from the Fukui-based manufacturer – Tanaka Hashiten.

4. Momiji Furoshiki (1 item)
Subscribers get either a green or a pink furoshiki in their box. Furoshiki are a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that can be used to wrap gifts, clothes, and actually just about anything! Illustrated on the furoshiki are momiji leaves and the Japanese symbolic pattern of Seigaiha (literally Sea Waves).

The Furoshiki are products of the Osaka Apparel Cooperative.

5. Momiji Message Cards (1 pack, 20 cards)
Convenient to put into gifts or use as a reminder note. It would look beautiful in your planner as well. There are 2 designs available.

6. Maiko & Momiji Greeting Card (1 item)
The card is made using embossing techniques, thus the designs are slightly raised above the surface. It is from a greeting card series that features Maiko and famous attractions in Kyoto in different seasons. This is a highly sought-after product from the Kyoto-based manufacturer of paper related products – Fukui Asahi Do (est. 1892).

7. Premium Leaf-shaped Snack Set (1 set, 3 pieces)
The set includes premium seasonal limited snacks:
Momiji Rice Crakers & Purple Sweet Potato Cookies (2p).

Number of items: 7. Total Retail Price: $62


1. Momiji Rice Cracker (Okaki) (1 item)
The rice crackers are shaped like momiji leaves, ginkgo leaves and autumnal produce such as chestnuts and sweet potatoes. This is a product of Akebono, a Japanese confectionery company established in 1948 in Ginza, Tokyo.

2. Momiji Yokan Jelly (1 item)
The dessert is inspired by Kyoto’s scenery in autumn.
How to serve: Remove the seal, turn the container upside down and transfer the jelly to a small plate. You’ll then see the beautiful momiji leaves on top.

The product is from Tsuruya Yoshinobu that has a history of more than two hundred years as the most famous confectionery shop in Kyoto.

3. Maple Butter Tree Cookies (2 items)
This is a seasonal product of the Sugar Butter Tree product line of Grapestone – a confectionery company based in Ginza, Tokyo that owns several famous food brands such as Tokyo Banana.

4. Momiji Manju (1 item, 3 pieces) (Left)
Momiji Manju, one of the most signature sweets of the season, is a momiji-leaf-shaped cake filled with mashed sweet bean paste.
5. Purple Sweet Potato Cookies (3 items) (Right)
The cookies come in the shape of autumn leaves. This is a seasonal product of Tokyo Tamago Honpo, a relatively new yet popular confectionery company from Ginza.

6. Toast-able sweet potato chocolate (1 item) (Left)
Yes, you read that right! The chocolate is sweet potato flavored and toast-able!
7. Navona Long Life Chestnut Cake (1 item) (Right)
A product of Kameya Mannendo – a Japanese confectionery company established in 1938 in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo. Its signature product is Navona – the cream sponge cake.

8. Apple Mochi from Nagano (1 item) (Left)
9. Apple Nanbu Senbei Cookie from Iwate (1 item) (Right)

10. Momiji Message Cards (1 pack, 20 cards)
Convenient to put into gifts or use as a reminder note. They would look beautiful in your planner also.

Number of items: 13. Total Retail Price: $40.