December 2018: ToshI-koshI “The New year’s holiday” Box

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In Japan, we are most busy and fun for the period of the year in yearend and new year.
In December, we will do “O-souji” (cleanup every where) and decorate the New Year’s decorations at the entrance.
On the time zone sandwiching the midnight of December 31, the temples around the Japan ring “Jyoya-no-Kane” (bells ringing out the
old year). And people eat “Toshi-Koshi soba” (buckwheat noodles), I love this habit.
And we will celebrate the new year! The sunrise when we see on January 1st is the special sunrise, we call it “Hatsu-hinode”(first sunrise) and pray to sunrise.
Then we celebrate the new year by drinking “O-toso” (Japanese Sake with Japanese harb) and eating “Osechi” dishes.


The Lifestyle Box

1. Jyuni-shi (12 Chinese zodiac of Japan) Furoshiki (1 item)
It is a small “Furoshiki” cloth of a “Jyuni-shi” (12 Chinese zodiac of Japan) motif.
“Furoshiki” is a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that can be used to wrap gifts, clothes, and actually just about anything!

2. “Kagami Mochi” candy (1 item)
“Kagami-mochi”(Japanese ricecake) is the decoration for the New Year celebration in Japan.
This candy is motif to “Kagami-mochi”. Try on New Year’s display!

3. Wild boar Ceramic figurine(1 item)
The zodiac of Japan in 2019 is “Inoshishi” (Wild boar).
It is an wild boar motif ornament of an earthenware pottery.

4. “Donburi” (Bowl) (1p)
5. Nisshin “Donbei” mini (1p)
This bowl has a Japanese traditional pattern of “Tokusa” .
“Donbei” is very popular instant soba in Japan. Please experience “Toshi-koshi soba” on the evening of December 31st !

6. Hinoki Masu (1item)
It is small “Masu” (measure). The material of it is “Hinoki” (Japanese cypress).
We may drink sake by “Masu” in our celebration. branding iron is “Maneki-Neko” (lucky cat).
It is said that “Maneki-Neko” brings good luck.

7. Chopstick (1 item)
8. Chopstick rest (1item)
Special festive simplicity chopsticks for celebration, made in Japan.
A chopstick rest is shaped of “Hagoita” (battledore) made of beautiful Japanese paper.
Perfect for New Year’s celebrations. The everyday table is much brighter and it will be gorgeous.
※”Hagoita” is a tool used in traditional Japanese play “Hanetuki”.

9. Hana-inoshishi Pochi-bukuro Envelopes
made from Mino-Washi
In Japan, pochi-bukuro envelopes are used for children’s New Year’s monetary gifts “Otoshi-dama”,
tips, massege cards and other congratulation purposes.

10. ”Usagi Takarabune” (Treasure ship with rabbit) Post Card and kite (each 1 item)
This postcard is “Takarabune” (treasure ship) motif.
In Japan, there is a custom of “Hatsuyume” (first dream).
It is said that it is good to put a picture of “Takarabune” treasure ship) under the pillow as a charm to see a good “Hatsuyume”.
And, Kite is a lucky motif of New Year’s Holiday.
Let’s bring good luck with the traditional New Year’ s toys!

Number of items: 11.


1. Nisshin “Donbei” mini (1p)
Please experience “Toshi-koshi soba” on the evening of December 31st !

2. Ebi Senbei (2P)
It is imitated “shrimp” of “Osechi dish”. Shrimp is a wish for longevity.

3. Yuzu Konbu (Yuzu flavor kelp) (5P)
It is like “Kobu-maki” of “Osechi dish”.
“Kobu-maki” is a wish for joy. “Yuzu” is Japanese citrus.

4. Kyo no Daikoku (1P)
It is imitate “Kuro-mame” of “Osechi dish”.
It is Glassse of black bean from Tamba. “Kuromame” is a desire to live healthy.

5. Ko-Haku Wasanbon (1P)
It is imitated “Kamaboko” of “Osechi dish”.
In Japan, the color of “red and white” is a combination of happy times.
“Wasan-bon” is a kind of Japanese traditional sugar. We will eat it as a special sweet.

6. Iwashi kko(4P)
It is imitate “Ta-tsukuri” of “Osechi dish”.
“Ta-tsukuri” is a wish for a fruitful year.

※We eat traditional dishes called “Osechi” at New Year ‘s Day.
“Osechi” is an assortment of various dishes.We are collected a lot of sweets similar than “Osechi” !

7. Taiyaki Manjyu(1 item, 3 pieces)
This cake is filled with mashed sweet bean paste.

8. Hanano Kuzuyu (1P)
“Kuzuyu” is a sticky sweet soup of “Kuzuko”. It contains colorful small rice cracker.

9. Shiruko Sand Cookies (1P)
This biscuit was baked with “red bean paste” between the biscuit dough.
It is imaged of “shiruko”

10. Daruma Senbei (rice crackers) (1P).
There are 8 small rice crackers, each taste is different.
It is a rice cracker with a drowed of the auspicious ‘Daruma’ painted.

11. Kaichu-Shiruko (1P)
How to eat : Please break this sweet, put them all in a bowl and pour boiled water.
White crepe (It is dried rice powder paste) becomes like “Mochi” (rice cake).

12. “Mochi Taro” (2P)

13. New year’s Holiday Steckers (1P)
It is very cute Japanese style steckers of New year’s Holiday!

Number of items: 21.