August 2018: The Natau Matsuri Box

In August, “Natsu Matsuri” will be held all around Japan. The interesting of Natsu Matsuri are many street stalls and fireworks.
Various street stalls are lined up at the festival venue.
What kind of street stalls do you think there is?
“Okonomiyaki”, “Yakisoba”, “Ramune juice”, “Ringo candy”, “Cotton candy” etc. Besides food stalls, there are “Kingyo sukui” (goldfish scooping), “Fu-rin” (wind chimes) etc. Any people are looking forward to the street stalls.
For Japanese, watching fireworks of summer festival is really exciting.
The three big fireworks festivals in Japan are said to be “Omagari (Akita Pre.)” “Tsuchiura (Ibaraki Pre.)” “Nagaoka (Niigata Pre.)”.
As for these fireworks displays, 18,000-20,000 firework goes up at an overnight. It is very beautiful and impressed.
August’s Kizuna Box was delivered a vibrant Japanese summer Festival!

The Lifestyle Box

1. Mino-yaki Ceramic Plate (1 item)
It is a beautiful small plate with a pattern like fireworks. Mino-yaki (Mino ware) is Japan’s most popular pottery

2. Glass wind bell “Fuurin”(1 item)
Please enjoy the fireworks design that makes you feel the summer and the sound of a wind bell blowing in the wind.

3. Goldfish strap of the tin plate (1 item)
Nostalgic and stylish strap. It was handmade one by one at “Katsushika Machi factory” certification factory in Katsushika, Tokyo.

4. Goldfish scooping game Set (1 item)
It is a set of scoops, turtle, swan, goldfish x 2, small balls.
For water play such as a bath or pool!

5. Japanese fireworks scenery coaster(3p / 1pack)
Japanese fireworks scenery from a window with this coaster. It is so beautiful, practical and useful.

6. Natsu Matsur pattern towel handkerchief(1 item)
Popular gauze towel handkerchief. Thin, light and easy to use! It will be fun to us with cute Natsu Matsuri patterns.

7.Water balloon and Lady in Yukata Postcard (1p)
It is a very romantic postcard drawn in watercolor. Do you feel the atmosphere of a nostalgic summer?

8. Rice Crackers (2p)
This is the assortment of Rice Crackers. There are two kinds of packages: Fireworks and Morning glories.

9. Natsu Matsuri Candy (3p)
There are six kinds of packages, three of which are in your box.

Number of items: 14. 


1. Rice Crackers in the Firework pattern drawstring bag (1 p)
In a cute fireworks pattern drawstring, it is put three types of popular flavors of rice crackers.

2. Takoyaki tei (2p)
Recommended for children’s snacks!

3. Ringo Ame (1 p)
Appearance is Ringo Ame, and apple flavor. But there is not included apple.

4. Morinaga Ramune (1 p)
in a bottle shaped container. When you were tired, Ramune is most ideal. Because it’s Glucose 90%!

5. Suika(watermelon) Gummy Candy (1 p)
It is gummy candy in the shape of a Suika(watermelon).

6. Cotton Candy(1p)
There are three kinds of packages, one of which is in your box. When you open the bag, please finish eating that day.

7.Okonomi-Yaki Senbei (5p)
It is a rice cracker of “Okonomiyaki” taste using authentic foodstuff of freeze-dried.
There are two kind of flavors, “Mayonnaise grilled rice cracker” and “cabbage grilled rice cracker”.

8. “Sapporo Okaki Oh! Yaki-Toukibi” (2p)
It is a rice cracker of Hokkaido Limited. You can taste the awesome fragrance of corn and soy sauce.

9. Natsu Matsuri Candy (8p)
There are six kinds of packages, eight of which are in your box.

10. Uchiwa shaped Sticker (1p)

Number of items: 23.