May 2019: Kodomo-no-hi The “Children’s Day” Box

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In Japan, May 5th is “Kodomo-no-hi” (Children’s Day). And it is the “Tango-no-Sekku” (Boys’ Festival).

“Kodomo-no-hi” and “Tango-no-sekku” is on the same day, but it is strictly the different festivals. Because those days have a different origin.
“Tango-no-sekku” is a habit that is from a long time ago. “Kodomo-no-hi” is the national holiday that was established recently.

The “Tango-no-Sekku” is a habit that came from old China, it is the event to avoid illness and misfortune from children.

Well, the meaning of “Children’s Day” in Japan is “Respect the personality of the child, wish for the happiness of the child, and thanks to her mother”.
So, in Japan, the second Sunday of May is “Mother’s Day”.
How about trying to convey the feeling of the gratitude that you do not usually tell mother?

In this month’s box, we prepare many Japanese items that will make you enjoy in the “Kodomo-no-hi”!

The Lifestyle Box

1. Hemp leaf pattern ceramic plate (1 item)
「Hemp」 is a strong and fast-growing plant.
A traditional design with the wish to grow as strong as hemp has been completed. From there, this “hemp leaves” are often designed for children’s clothes.
This plate of the design that is most suitable for celebrating “Kodomo-no-hi”.

2. Mino-yaki leaf shaped ceramic small plate (1Item)
The cobalt blue colored platter is cool and elegant.
This plate is an image of “Kashiwa leaf” (Japanese oak leaf).
“Kashiwa leaf” is the leaf of an oak tree that wraps “Kashiwamochi” eaten on “Children’s Day”.

3. Children’s day glass Chopstick rest (1 item)
Glass chopstick rest with “Kabuto” drawn. “Kabuto”, it is the helmet used by Japanese Samurai.
“Kabuto” is a symbol of “Kodomo-no-hi”.

4. Ceramic small soil bell shaped “Carp” (1 item)
It is a small bell pottery.
It is shaped like a “Koinobori” (carp streamer).

5. Mini “Koinobori” (carp streamer) set (1 item)
It is a mini “Koinobori” (carp streamer) that can be displayed on the desk or at the entrance.

6. Carnation pattern sticker (1 item)
In Japan, we send red carnations on Mother’s Day.
It is a cute sticker in the form of carnation.

7. Beautiful “Kan-nyu” green bowl (each 1 item)
You will get either ① “Hyotan” (Gourd) shaped bowl or ② “Fune” (boat) shaped bowl. This bowl is easy to use for salad bowls or dessert bowls etc…
It will bring a beautiful color like May fresh green to your table.
※”Kan-nyu” is a fine crack pattern that can be made on the glaze part of pottery. It is a kind of decoration, and one of the points when watching.


8. Iris letter set (1 item)
It is a beautiful Washi paper letter set with iris. Iris is the famous flower in May.
※Washi is made from Japanese traditional recipe.

9. “Koinobori” (carp streamer) Postcard (1 item)
It is a postcard for this season that you can enjoy casually just by decorating it.

10. “Kodomo-no-hi” Pattern Furoshiki (1 item)
This “Furoshiki” depicting traditional “Kodomo-no-hi” items.
It is recommended as a lunch box package, a handkerchief and a tapestry.

11.”Papiro” Matcha cookies (2P)
Green tea cream is injected into the egg cracker.
Taste that does not get tired is attractive. No coloring and synthetic sweeteners are used.

Number of items: 12.



1.”Kabuto” shaped drawstring Bag (1 item)
In Japan, we do traditional decoration for boys on “Kodomono-hi” (Children’s Day). “Kabuto” is one of them.
A “Kabuto” is a symbol of warlords and is popular with boys.
Put sweets in this “Kabuto” and enjoy the atmosphere of Children’s Day!

2. “Koinobori” candy
It is cute “koinobori” (Carp streamer) shaped candy.

3. Chiroru chocolate “koinobori” package. (1P)
Package of pretty design which imaged “Koinobori”.
This chocolate is a refreshing strawberry acidity and a combination of mellow milk chocolate.

4. Small rice cracker (each 3P)
Small rice cracker in a sachet printed with colorful carp streamers.
You will get three of the 5 colors in your box.
◆ Small hail of 5 kinds of taste
(soy sauce, shrimp, seaweed, sesame, salt) is included. ( it does not necessarily contain all 5 flavors.)

5. “Kashiwa Mochi” shaped eraser (1 item)
This eraser is an image of “Kashiwa leaf” (Japanese oak leaf) .
“Kashiwa-mochi” is eaten on “Children’s Day”. it is one of the Japanese traditional sweets. Don’t eat!

6. Flower shaped rice cracker (1p)
This rice cracker expresses the joy of spring visits for flowers!

7. “Gateau festa-harada” Rusk (2p/1pack)
It is a very popular rusk which is in a cute bag printed the basket.

8. Calbee “Haru-Potato” Potato Chips (1P)
This potato chips made from Hokkaido-produced potatoes in spring.
The flavor is cheddar cheese and cream cheese. It is a creamy and mellow taste.

9. Powder green tea (3P)
It is “Sencha” (green tea) of taste that is fresh and refreshing using “Ichi-ban cha” (first tea leaves) as a luxury.
This tea is harvested until “Hachi-jyu Hachi-ya” (eighty-eight nights).
※”Hachi-jyu Hachi-ya” which literally means the 88th nights. It’s a day of been 88 days since “risshun” (the first day of spring in Japanese lunar calendar).
It is the peak of tea picking for the tea harvest.

10. “The Kabuto of Date Masamune” Pattern Cookie(3p)
This cookie drawing the “Kabuto” (army helmet in Japan) .
“Kabuto” pattern of the “Date Masamune” (Famous military commander of the “Sendai”).

11. Fue ramune (1P)
Delicious and fun Flute Ramune.

12. Tohato Caramel Corn “Children’s Day Limited Package” (1P)
“Caramel corn” that Japanese children love. Which do you like better, “nuts” or “puffs”?