October 2017: The Autumn Box

The hot days are over. Summer is in the past.
October is when Autumn starts to deepen.

The weather gets milder. The sky gets higher. The many autumn flowers bloom beautifully while tree leaves start to turn vivid red and yellow. As Autumn is the season of harvesting, the food is also particularly delicious during Autumn. The Autumn landscape in Japan is, in fact, an artwork of Mother Nature. Thus, it comes as no surprise that many Japanese love Autumn best out of all seasons.

Kizuna Box’s October Edition – The Autumn Box features a wide range of ceramics and homewares, stationery items, and autumnal treats for subscribers to enjoy the exquisite beauty of Japan’s nature in Autumn.

Lifestyle Box

1. Mino-yaki Cosmos Ceramic Bowl
The Cosmos is also called Autumn’s Cherry Blossom (Akizakura 秋桜) in Japanese. The bowl is perfect for serving soups, cereal and salad.

2. Seto-yaki Kikyo Small Ceramic Bowl
The Kikyo or Japanese bellflower is one of Japan’s celebrated “Seven Flowers of Autumn”. The bowl is ideal for dips and sauces.

Seto-yaki (Seto ware) refers to a type of Japanese pottery produced in and around Seto (Aichi Prefecture), which was the location of one of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan. The Japanese term for ceramics from Seto (setomono) is used as a generic term for all pottery.

3. Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Spoon
The spoon is a great complement to the Cosmos Ceramic Bowl.

4. Hagi Shirayuki Cloth
The Hagi or Bush Clover is also among the Seven Flowers of Autumn. Shirayuki Cloth are the product of a unique fusion of traditions from Kyoto and Nara, namely the Yuzen dyeing technique and special cotton cloth. They are perfect to use as hand towels or dish/kitchen cloths.

5. Mt. Fuji Tea Storage Tin (Autumn design)
The outside of the tin is wrapped in the durable Washi (Japanese traditional paper). The pattern illustrates the famous Mt. Fuji among the red leaves of autumn. The tin can be used to keep tea leaves, candies, or whatever you’d like to!

6. Princess Daruma and Ginkgo Postcard
The postcard illustrates Princess Daruma (hime daruma) dolls with Ginkgo leaves in the background. Yellow Ginkgo leaves are a symbol of autumn in Japan. Also, the Ginkgo tree is the official tree of Tokyo, the capital city of Japan.

7. Autumn themed Japanese Paper Stickers
Decorate your planner or seasonal greeting cards with these lovely paper stickers!

8. Dried Persimmons – Hoshigaki (2 pieces)
Persimmons are the ultimate fruit of autumn! The Japanese long tradition of drying persimmons has been channeled into this award-winning product which is a perfect accompaniment for tea.

Number of items: 8. Total Retail Price: $62

Snack Box

1. Dried Persimmons – Hoshigaki from Nagano

2. Ringo Otome Apple Cookies from Nagano
Ringo Otome is a thin cookie made of apples mixed in with flour and eggs, then topped with sliced apples. The International Taste & Quality Institute has awarded Ringo Otome with 3-star Superior Taste Award for 9 consecutive years.

3. Pumpkin Tart
The product originates from Takayama, Gifu.

4. Kuri Kinton Langue de Chat
Kuri Kinton, a specialty of Gifu Prefecture, is made from chestnuts. This product won Gold Award – Monde Selection in 2014.

5. Fried Sweet Potato Sticks
You will get a bag of either Purple Sweet Potato Sticks (Purple) or Chestnut and Sweet Potato Sticks (Brown).

6. Grape Jelly

7. Kit Kat Halloween Caramel Pudding
Kit Kat Halloween Special Edition (red packet)
Nestle Japan is always ahead in releasing new flavors and packaging frequently. Pay attention to the packets as there is Japanese sign language written on them!

8. Triple Cheese Flavor Jagariko Potato Sticks 
Cheddar, Gorgonzola, and Parmesan cheese powders are used to coat the potato sticks. On the back of the lid, you’ll find some Halloween themed illustration.

9. Yoku Moku’s Cigare Cookies Halloween Edition 
Yoku Moku’s Cigare Cookies are among the most famous and iconic food souvenirs from Tokyo.

10. Cosmos and Mt. Fuji Postcard 
The Cosmos is also known as Autumn’s Sakura (Akizakura) in Japanese. We’re sending you the autumn vibe from Japan with this postcard!


Number of items: 17. Total Retail Price: $42